Making frozen bubbles

We’ve been getting outside each day this month thanks to joining in with The Ladybirds’ Adventures and Thimble and Twig for their Wild about Winter challenge. One of the daily challenges was to make frozen bubbles. We ended up making them in the freezer that day as it was quite a mild day. I figured that was the best we could do as I thought the temperature had to be quite a bit below freezing to make frozen bubbles outside. Then I spotted a post from Family Days Tried and Tested sharing their success at making frozen bubbles on a frosty morning and thought I would give it a try.


A double frozen bubble - "Making frozen bubbles"


Making the bubble solution

When we made the bubbles in the freezer, we got the best results using a homemade bubble solution rather than a shop-bought one. I used the same solution to make frozen bubbles outside. To make the bubble mixture we used, add one cup of washing-up liquid and half a cup of golden syrup to three cups of water and mix. The golden syrup helps the bubbles to crystallise and makes them less likely to pop.


Making frozen bubbles outside

We headed out into the garden early in the morning when it was very frosty outside. The temperature was -2°C and there was no wind. We blew bubbles over the lawn and watched them land on the frosty grass, and then gradually freeze.


Two bubbles starting to freeze on the frosty grass


One frozen bubble and one partially frozen bubble on the grass


I love how the bubbles would often deflate quite slowly if they popped, leaving frozen patches of bubble goo, like delicate fairy wings.


Frozen bubble goo on the frosty grass


If we didn’t touch them, the frozen bubbles lasted quite a long time before they popped. Some of them lasted twenty minutes or more. We even managed to make some double bubbles.


A frozen bubble on the grass


As the temperature started to creep up towards 0°C, we found that the bubbles tended to pop before they could freeze. We’ve tried again a couple of times when the temperature was around -1°C and not had much success. -2°C or colder seems to be the temperature needed for this to work. We’ve not tried it on days when there’s been a breeze, but I would guess that there needs to be very little wind for it to work as well.



Making frozen bubbles in the freezer

If the weather isn’t cold enough to make frozen bubbles outside, you can make them in the freezer. We put a little of our homemade bubble mixture into a cup and blew into it with a straw to make lots of bubbles. Then we put it gently into the freezer and left it for 5-10 minutes. The bubble mixture at the bottom of the cup stayed liquid but the bubbles at the top froze beautifully. They do start to pop within a couple of seconds of taking them out of the freezer though.


A pot of frozen bubbles in the freezer


Have you tried making frozen bubbles?


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6 thoughts on “Making frozen bubbles

    1. I never realised you could either until last weekend. I always thought it had to be way below freezing for it to work. Definitely one to try with your girls if we get another cold snap x

  1. I really really want to try this! I meant to take some bubble mixture with us to Lapland to give it a go but totally forgot in all the excitement. Maybe if it gets colder again I’ll give it a try. Thanks again for linking up to #KidsandKreativity x

    1. It was fascinating to watch them freeze. Worth trying if the weather gets cold enough again.

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