Me and You – January

Having so much time with hubby around over Christmas and New Year was blissful and then it was all over and back to normal life with a bit of a bump. In the busyness of day-to-day life it can be all too easy to slip back into bad habits again and start taking each other a bit for granted. Sometimes we really have to make a conscious decision to stop and remember who were are as a couple and take a little step back from being just Mummy and Daddy.

One of my aims for the new year was to make sure that hubby and I got to have a date night together at least once every other month. So last night, Grandma came over to babysit the girls (which wasn’t too challenging as they were both already asleep in bed!) so that hubby and I could go and see ‘Into the Woods’. Those of you who follow my blog regularly will know that I’m a huge fan of musical theatre (as is hubby). Into the Woods is a musical we both know quite well and love and I performed one of the numbers from it – ‘On the Steps of the Palace’ – in a concert a few years ago. The film doesn’t stray too far away from the stage show (other than having a significant chunk of the second act cut) and we both thoroughly enjoyed it. In fact, I would say I preferred it to ‘Les Miserables’ which was the last film we saw in the cinema (and which we both felt was very hit and miss in terms of performance).

Me and You (January) - Little Hearts, Big Love

The photo this month was taken whilst we were out enjoying a walk as a family over the weekend – it seemed a good opportunity to quickly grab a selfie of the two of us just having fun being together with our girls.

8 thoughts on “Me and You – January

  1. I love these posts so sweet. And I love that even though Lucy isn’t doing them anymore everyone is still sharing and writing them just the same. Its great to focus on ourselves and partners as a couple rather than the kids and as parents all the time. Great post. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme

    1. That was a while ago! We rarely get the chance to go to the cinema so it was a nice treat 🙂

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