I Wish I Had More Time

I wish I had more time, more hours in every day
Making the most of those moments to sit with my girls and play.
I wish I had more time to catch up on some sleep
I’m sure it would make my temper much easier to keep!


I wish I had more time just to watch my babies grow
Time rushes by so quickly, I wish it would go slow!
I wish I had more time to get all those boring jobs done
And then perhaps I’d concentrate on making time for fun


I wish I had more time, to visit family and friends
It’s just that there is so much else to do at the weekends!
I wish I had more time, just to sit and have some cuddles
Time for singing lullabies, for fairy tales and snuggles


I wish I had more time for focusing on fun
Instead of focusing on getting all that pile of laundry done
I wish I’d had more time, or the clock I could rewind
Just so I could see my father’s face just one more time


I wish I had more time… but wishing won’t change it anyhow
So I’ll stop and enjoy each precious moment in the here and now.


© Louise George – 30th May 2014


A children's toy clock set to 1.50 - "I Wish I Had More Time"


9 thoughts on “I Wish I Had More Time

  1. Beautiful poem, all things I wish for too. And, yes, we must enjoy the moment, not wish our time away. Lovely words x Thanks so much for linking to #ThePrompt x

  2. Great poem 🙂 I’m sure that most people wish that they had more time to spend with loved ones and enjoy themselves. Totally agree about making the most of each and every moment every day! #ThePrompt

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