How my blog got its name and other things about me

I’ve been tagged in a few memes recently. I love taking part in these and reading other’s responses as it is a fun way to find out a little more about the people behind the blogs. Some of the questions I was asked recently have been answered before in previous posts but here are my answers to the others.

How my blog got its name and other things about me - Little Hearts, Big Love

1. How did your blog get its name?

My blog is partly about sharing my thoughts about life as a heart mummy and raising awareness of congenital heart defects. I wanted a name that reflected that side of my blog and my family life. One of the things I often say about my heart child is that her half a heart is full of love. Add her little sister into the mix and you have two little hearts and a lot of love which inspired my blog name – Little Hearts, Big Love. My logo represents my family – four hearts for me, hubby and our two girls. Jessica’s heart is blue because of her cyanotic heart condition.


2. What fictional character would you most like to meet?

I think it would have to be Gilbert Blythe from the Anne of Green Gables series of books who was probably the first literary hero to steal my heart.


3. What motto best describes your approach to life?

Make the most of today because you don’t know what tomorrow will bring.


4. What is your earliest childhood memory?

I can just about remember the flat above the pub that my parents were landlords of. I was two and a half when we moved. The only thing I remember about it though is that the toilet was painted orange!

My early childhood - How my blog got its name and other things about me - Little Hearts, Big Love

5. What has been your most important life lesson?

That God is bigger than anything life throws at me. It was the one thought that keep me going when I was pregnant with Jessica after being told she was very unlikely to survive.


6. What are you frightened of?

A future where our little family is no longer complete.


7. Are you a glass half full/glass half empty person?

I try to be more of a glass half full person.


8. How would you like to be remembered?

As a mummy who let her children know each and every day that they were loved more than words could ever say.

Silent Sunday 24/05/15 - Little Hearts, Big Love

9. During school holidays how do you find the time to blog?

My little ones aren’t at school yet so it’s not that different from term-time for me. I do most of my blogging when they’re asleep.


10. What’s your favourite blog post and why?

What it means to be a heart parent – I wrote it straight from the heart and it sums up a lot of what life as a heart parent is like.


11. What was the last book you read?

I’ve just finished re-reading Jane Eyre.


12. Would you like to learn to surf or skydive?

Neither! I’m not a very good swimmer so watersports don’t appeal. I’m also scared of flying so the thought of throwing myself out of a plane is utterly terrifying.


13. If you could chose a romantic holiday where would you go?

Hubby and I spent our honeymoon in Switzerland and had a wonderful time. I would love to relive it all again.

Honeymoon in Switzerland - How my blog got its name and other things about me - Little Hearts, Big Love

14. What’s your favourite season?

Spring – I love all the flowers, the blossom and the start of the warmer weather.


15. How do you unwind after a very long day?

I always find writing very cathartic if I’m stressed but if I’m too tired to blog, then I just like to curl up with a good book.


16. Which cartoon/s really get on your nerves?

I’m not a big fan of Peppa Pig – I just find her bossy and irritating. My girls love her though!


17. What was the last thing you learnt how to do?

I’ve finally learned how to juggle three balls – I still can’t do it for long but I’m getting there!


18. What would you say is your best piece of advice?

Nothing lasts forever – live in the moment and enjoy the here and now.


19. What are your favourite charities?

There are three charities which are very close to my heart: Little Hearts Matter (which supports children with single ventricle heart conditions and their families), Friends of PICU (the paediatric intensive care unit at Southampton General Hospital, where Jessica was treated) and Families of Ocean Ward (the children’s cardiac ward in Southampton).

Little Hearts Matter - How my blog got its name and other things about me - Little Hearts, Big Love

20. What was the last thing that made you cry?

Watching the videos I made for hubby’s first Father’s Day and Jessica’s birthdays – seeing the photos from those early days with Jessica and realising again how incredibly lucky we are to have her made me very emotional.


21. Who has been your best teacher, and what did they teach you?

Miss Featherstone from primary school – she was the nicest teacher I ever had and taught me a lot about the power of kindness. Looking back, I can see that I was much more willing to learn when being taught by teachers who were nice than I was for the strict ones. The same is true in life – a little kindness can go a long way.


Thank you to Mum Turned Mom for tagging me in the Eleven Things tag, Mommy’s Little Princesses for the Liebster Award nomination and Nipper and Tyke for the Sisterhood of the World Blogger’s Award nomination.


If anyone would like to answer any of these questions for themselves then feel free to considered yourselves tagged!


24 thoughts on “How my blog got its name and other things about me

  1. Spring is my favourite season too. Its great that you see yourself as a half full person. #TwinklyTuesday

  2. Lovely post. I like your Moto of nothing lasts for ever and just enjoy the moment! It is so true. I’m so glad everything was ok with Jess (keep saying that!) as it must have been so scary…seeing this more and more as I read your blog! Xx #twinklytuesday

    1. Thanks Sarah – Jessica’s heart condition has certainly taught me to enjoy the moment, so thankful she is doing so well at the moment x

  3. A lovely post, brought a tear to my eye.
    I also love the spring and all of the colours it brings :).
    Jessica is such a little fighter, I wish her the very best of health and all the happiness in the world!, what a little star x

  4. This is lovely. Thank you for answering my questions, wonderful to read your answers, and the others too. I always enjoy reading these kind of posts. Number 6 is a terrifying thought and I’m with you on how you’d like to be remembered x #twinklytuesday

  5. #6 literally created a lump in my throat.
    I love the name of your blog and how you want to be remembered (that is a great way to be remembered!).
    PS Peppa Pig is definitely on my list of super annoying characters that my son loves!

  6. Such a lovely blog name and now I understand the logo! x My mummy was born in Southampton General! It’s so nice to get to know you and your little family better. Much love x #TwinklyTuesday x

  7. #6 – only for a short time while we awaited a diagnosis was that a real fear for us. I can’t imagine living with it every day. Thank you for linking with #TwinklyTuesday.

    1. Thank you Sadia – I try not to think about it if I can, but I am always very aware of how lucky we are to be here.

  8. Nice to know you more. I am having a hard time looking for that window to blog lately so I am not that visible. I am trying to blog while my son is asleep but im too tired so hats off to you =) #TwinklyTuesday

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