Gro Light night light review and giveaway

Like many small children, my two girls aren’t too keen on going to sleep in the dark. We used to get around this by leaving the hall light on and the door ajar but this wasn’t ideal as the light from the doorway fell across Sophie’s cot which made it harder to get her off to sleep. A nightlight seemed to be the best solution to this and I loved the sound of the Gro Light night light.

Gro Light night light review and giveaway - Little Hearts, Big Love

Since moving Jessica’s bed into our bedroom, we have lost a significant amount of surface space – the only spaces available being two small bedside tables which are already half-full. I was somewhat reluctant to fill up the remaining space on one of them with a nightlight. The Gro Light avoids the need for this – it comes in either a bayonet or a screw fitting and is very easy to fit, attaching directly to the light fitting itself, with the normal light bulb then connected to the fitting on the Gro Light (and the lampshade attached between the two). It can be connected to either an overhead light or a bedside lamp, although cannot be used with dimmer switches or dimmer lamps.

Gro Light night light review and giveaway - Little Hearts, Big LoveGro Light Night Light review and giveaway - Little Hearts, Big Love

Once the Gro Light is fitted, it can be switched on and off by turning the light switch on and off once. If the light switch is then turned on again, the main light is activated.  This means that if we turn off the lights when we come up to bed and then need to check on the children in the night, we can turn on the light and the Gro Light will come on instead of the main light.

Gro Light Night Light review and giveaway - Little Hearts, Big Love

The brightness of the Gro Light can be adjusted by turning the dial at the side of the light. We have mostly used it at about the halfway setting which is bright enough to be able to check on the girls easily but dim enough that everyone sleeps well even if we leave the nightlight on all night. I tend to sleep badly if the hall light is left on after I’ve gone to bed (usually when hubby is working late on an event) as I need it to be quite dark to sleep well – but even if we have the Gro Light on all night, it doesn’t affect my sleep.

Gro Light Night Light review and giveaway - Little Hearts, Big Love

Since using the Gro Light, we’ve been able to turn off the hall light altogether during bedtime and Sophie has settled more easily as a result. Jessica too seems a little more settled and has been quite happy going off to sleep in her own bed with the nightlight on.


The Gro Light is available on the Gro-store for £17.99 although I am offering one of my lucky readers the chance to win one. You can enter by filling in the Gleam form below. The competition ends at 23.59 on 1 December 2015 and is open to UK entrants. Good luck!


Disclaimer: I received a complimentary Gro Light for the purposes of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Gro Light night light giveaway

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147 thoughts on “Gro Light night light review and giveaway

  1. All our lights are the ones that use the lightbulbs with the sticky out bits that you sort of slot in and twist. I’m guessing they are bayonet ones? I’m such a useless excuse for a grown up haha!

  2. Which fitting of the Gro Light would you prefer – screw or bayonet? . . . . . . either would be fine but if l have to choose – screw

  3. This looks interesting and I’ve never seen anything like it! I have a fun night light but this looks more practical. I hope the girls are sleeping much better now:) #TriedTested x

  4. Oh I need this in my life!! What a fantastic idea!! Will defo be entering and hoping I’m lucky! Suz X

  5. What a clever idea for a night light, I’ve never seen one of these before. Looks great and glad to hear your little ones are settling better at bed time now xx #TriedTested

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