Geocaching: turning a walk into a treasure hunt

It feels like it’s been ages since Sophie and I headed out for a proper walk together. After all the recent snow days, it was good to have an afternoon of sunshine and warmer temperatures. Spring seemed to finally be making an appearance and the outdoors was calling us to go and explore. I suggested to Sophie that we head out on a “treasure hunt” – otherwise known as going geocaching.


Sophie holding a geocache - "Geocaching: turning a walk into a treasure hunt"


There’s a little lane a short drive from home which I’d been meaning to explore for a while with several geocaches to be found along the way. We parked up nearby and headed off on our treasure hunting adventure.


Sophie looking closely at the log from one of the geocaches


Sophie is getting quite good at managing to find geocaches once we get to the right spots. She’s learned where she might need to look for them. Sometimes she manages to spot them before I do. Her favourite ones are the bigger ones which contain “treasure” – or small items to swap. We found one cache like this on our walk. There were only a couple of swappable items in the box. One of them was “treasure” though as far as Sophie was concerned. It was a toy gold coin which she held on very tightly for the rest of the walk, making sure she didn’t drop it! We left a hedgehog shaped eraser behind for someone else to find.


Sophie finding "treasure" in one of the geocaches


It was lovely to also see some signs of spring appearing. Blossom covered trees are one of my favourite things about this time of year.


Sophie investigating the blossom on a tree



Sophie also spotted some paw prints in the mud along the side of the road. We encountered a very friendly dog out for a walk with his owner a short while later. Perhaps it was the same one that made the paw prints.


Sophie investigating some dog paw prints in the mud



We managed to find four geocaches before we ran out of time and had to head back to pick Jessica up from school. Sophie’s eagerness to find “just one more” before we turned back meant we had a bit of a mad dash back to the car but thankfully we made it back on time!


Sophie holding up a geocache


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17 thoughts on “Geocaching: turning a walk into a treasure hunt

  1. Make the most of times like this is Sophie, they will go before you know it and there is no bringing them back. Little adventures like this are perfect, special one to one time and Sophie clearly enjoys her treasure hunts. Isn’t it lovely to be experiencing a few spring like days at last, I hope it is here to stay!

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

    1. It is lovely to be able to have these one to one adventures and we’ve only got a few months more before she’ll start school so will definitely be trying to make the most of them while I can 🙂

  2. So nice to feel you got to stretch your legs properly after being couped up for a while. My trio love geocaching and so do I for the incentive it gives them to keep walking!! #countrykids

  3. Do you know we’ve never done Geocaching! Maybe it’s about time we did. Looks like Sophie is becoming an expert! So cute. We’re also looking forward to doing walks over the Easter break, especially since we haven’t done much lately 🙂

  4. This looks like loads of fun – you’ve reminded me that I really must try geo-caching with my kids. I think they’d enjoy it too! Sophie looks so proud of herself

  5. Looks like you are much better at geocaching than me. I went once and only found one in two and a half hours! It wasn’t even a swap box, just one we added our names to. I might try again one day, with the children too. Looks like Sophie really enjoyed it. x #countrykids

  6. I’m looking forward to Robert understanding treasure hunts a bit more! I’ve not bagged a cache in ages. I must see if we can go soon. I love the warmer spring like weather, let’s enjoy it! #countrykids

  7. We went geocaching once a few years ago, and my eldest brought it up last week that we should go again, and after seeing how happy Sophie was on your treasure hunt I may have to agree with my eldest! Gorgeous pictures and glad you managed to get back in time #CountryKids

  8. Oh bless her! I keep wanting to do this with Monkey but I am not sure where to start… I need to though as he would be totally made up with Sophie’s treasure xx #CountryKids

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