Fun with fake snow

We’ve been lucky to have snow a couple of times so far this winter. We always have to make the most of it when we do get it though as it doesn’t happen very often and it tends to only last a day or so. One of her Sophie’s Christmas presents was her ‘Special time with Sophie’ box containing twelve envelopes, one for each month – each with an activity that we will be doing together. Last month’s activity was for “snow or ice play”. I wasn’t sure if the weather would oblige me with real snow, so instead I thought I’d try making some fake snow to play with instead.


Sophie playing with fake snow in a washing up bowl - "Fun with fake snow"


I followed Cats, Kids, Chaos’ recipe for fake snow which combines bicarbonate of soda with shaving foam. We made half the quantity suggested but it was still enough for the children to have fun with.


Homemade fake snow


I was amazed by how cold the fake snow felt and it did look quite similar to the real thing. Texture-wise, it felt similar to playdough, but looser and a lot colder! We took it outside to the garden so that the children could play with it in the tuff tray.


Sophie and Thomas playing with fake snow in the tuff tray in the garden


It was great for messy, sensory play. Sophie enjoyed squishing the fake snow together and feeling how cold it was between her fingers. Naturally we had to build a mini snowman with it too.


Sophie making a snowball with fake snow


Sophie making a snowman with fake snow


Thomas wasn’t quite so keen, but he did spend a few minutes playing with it. He found it quite funny when Sophie decided to start a little snowball fight with him though.


Sophie throwing a fake snow snowball at a laughing Thomas


Once the children had finished playing with it, we disposed of it in the rubbish bin, as advised as it can cause a blockage if disposed of down the sink. The residue washed off the children’s outdoor clothes easily without leaving any marks.


It wasn’t a substitute for the real thing of course; we hadn’t made nearly enough of it for Sophie’s liking, for one thing! It was fun to play with though. As it turned out, the real thing came along the next day anyway so Sophie got some “proper” snow play after all.


Sophie's mini snowman made with fake snow


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6 thoughts on “Fun with fake snow

  1. Oh wow! This looks like so much fun. I didn’t realise that fake snow was so easy to make! The little snowman is so cute and Thomas looks like he’s having a great time with the snowball fight. So cute x

    1. It was a lot of fun and I was pleasantly surprised at how easy the fake snow was to make.

  2. I’ve not tried making fake snow but I did buy some once…for Boo’s Frozen themed birthday party in July! How cute is that mini snowman!

  3. Ha! If only I could ship some of the excess snow we have here over to you and your family! Playing with the fake snow was such a creative and fun idea. I am going the have to look up that recipe for this summer and surprise my grandchildren.

    1. Ah that would have been nice – we had some here, but it’s never a lot. At least Sophie did get to play with the real stuff too though.

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