A fun morning at the Playstation Kids & Parenting Showcase

I have to admit that I’m not much of a gamer.  Hubby has a PS4 and enjoys playing games but it’s rare for me to play video games, although I have fond memories of playing various platform games in my childhood (and many hours of dance-mat games in my uni days!)  The girls enjoy playing the occasional game on Daddy’s tablet but had yet to be introduced to games consoles.  When we were invited to the PlayStation Kids and Parenting Showcase, I thought it sounded like a fun way of trying out some different games that might be suitable for us to play as a family.

Jessica playing Little Big Planet 3 at the PlayStation Kids and Parenting Showcase

On arrival at the venue, we had our photo taken in front of the PlayStation board with the girls getting to hold up some smiley faces or cardboard clouds.  There were two rooms set up with various games stations and I loved the way each area was designed to fit in with the game being played there.

Me, Jessica and Sophie standing in front of the PlayStation board
Photo credit – PlayStation

We started off by trying out Little Big Planet 3 which is a puzzle platform game.  I was pretty useless at trying to work out what the girls needed to do (although they were both quite happy just to make Sackboy run back and forth across the screen!)  Thankfully hubby was on hand to help but it was a bit too difficult for the girls to play and they soon made a beeline for the craft table.

Jessica and Sophie playing Little Big Planet 3

As expected, the craft table was a big hit.  There were masks to decorate, plenty of cardboard for doing drawing and sticking on and lots of “decorations” – pompoms, feathers and foam shapes.  Jessica and Sophie were kept amused for quite some time.

Jessica and Sophie having fun at the craft table making masks

Once the girls had finished crafting, we had another look around the games.  Jessica quite enjoyed playing Minecraft and had lots of fun breaking blocks even though she didn’t manage to work out how to do anything else.  She was quite determined to do it all by herself though and firmly resisted any of hubby’s attempts to help!


I was mostly happy to watch hubby and the girls playing games, but did join in for a game of Rocket League which is like a football game but uses a car to hit the ball into the goal.  I have never been very good at driving games and my skills at steering a car with a games controller are still just as poor as ever! I might have been completely useless at playing Rocket League but I certainly had fun trying!

Jessica and Sophie at the various games station areas - clockwise from top left - Little Big Planet 3; Minecraft; Tricky Towers and Tearaway Unplugged

My favourite game of the morning though was Tricky Towers – which is a multiplayer game involving stacking bricks to make a stable tower whilst trying to topple your opponents tower with various magic spells. I had forgotten just how addictive some games could be and this was certainly one I could get addicted to.  Jessica and Sophie also had a go and had a lot of fun building their own towers – even if they weren’t particularly stable ones! I think watching them topple over again was half the fun!


We had a fun morning overall at the PlayStation Kids and Parenting Showcase – it’s made me more tempted to join in next time hubby gets the PS4 out and Tricky Towers is definitely on the wishlist as I think all four of us would have fun playing that one.


For more information about how to get into gaming, stay safe and have fun check out A Parent’s Guide to PlayStation by Ellie Gibson


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10 thoughts on “A fun morning at the Playstation Kids & Parenting Showcase

  1. Ah looks like a really fun day! All my nieces and nephews love video games and things, I do remember being mortified when my 6 year old nephew was telling me what to do on a game and telling me how terrible I was. I always used to like silly games like Micro Machines! #FamilyFun

    1. Thanks Ellen – I’m sure most of my nieces and nephews are better at video games than I am too! 🙂

    1. I’d never tried it before – still need hubby to explain it to me so I can get the hang of it! 🙂

  2. I’m with you, I have fond memories of playing games as a kid but I don’t have much interest in them now. My other half has no interest in games too. It’ll be interesting when Robert gets older as it might be something he wants to do that we dont! I’m sure we will be okay! Thank you for linking up to #familyfun.

    1. Thanks Karen – it will be interesting to see whether our little ones do develop that interest in games later on.

  3. Wow I have never heard of his before but it looks fun. I did like my play station when I was a kid but that was the days of crash bandicoot and the PS1 haha! I like that they had a crafting station too, that was a nice touch. It’s nice to read that you all had a good day, thank you for sharing it with us at #familyfun x

  4. I’m not into games either but I agree with you, it is tempting to join in if everyone else in the family is playing. I wouldn’t mind if my girls got into gaming, especially if it’s something we can all do together.

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