From the mouths of babes: October 2018

From the mouths of babes is back! This linky is all about sharing the things that children say. Whether it’s those adorable mispronounced words, glimpses into their imaginations or just the blunt observations that children make, I’d love to hear about them.


The linky will now run monthly instead of weekly and will be open for the first three weeks of each month.


I loved reading After the Rain’s post on her daughter turning five, especially the question of who are the important people which led to a discussion about Barry Scott from the Cillit Bang adverts. It does make you realise how much little ones take in though!


Guidelines for joining in:

  • You can link up to three posts per month. Old and new posts are welcome.
  • Posts should include a quote or observation on something a child has said.
  • Please add the badge below to your posts so that others know where to link up if they wish to join in.
  • I will comment on linked posts and tweet them out. If you use the hashtag #ftmob I’ll also do my best to retweet them.
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Sophie sitting cross-legged on a yoga mat holding the class bunny - "From the mouths of babes - October 2018"


Sophie says… October 2018

Here are some of the things Sophie has been saying recently:


Adorable mispronunciations

Resection = reception

Monk = month


I should probably correct them but they’re so cute that I can’t quite bring myself to do so. She’ll learn how to pronounce those words properly soon enough!


Sophie on bad dreams

“My brain in my head makes it up and then I have a bad dream. Bad dreams are not where you are and they’re not where your countries are. When someone is having a bad dream, some children wake up like I do. Grown-ups don’t wake up in the night. Daddy doesn’t wake up in the night because he is way too sleepy. In the morning Daddy still sleeps and still sleeps and when Daddy has finished sleeping a long time he wakes up. Mummy, you don’t like Daddy snoring because he snores at you.”


Sophie on accidents at school

[Coming out of school with a plaster on her knee] “Look at my knee, Mummy! The sand pit tripped me up!”


Sophie on babies

“Thomas is a boy baby but if you had another baby it could be a girl baby. But you can’t have twenty babies because that would be a lot and you don’t have twenty boobs. You just have two boobs so you can feed one or maybe two babies. If you had two babies that one could be the boy baby boob and the other boob would be for the girl baby.”


[Sniffing Thomas after a bath] “Thomas smells lovely. He smells like chicken!”


Looking forward to reading what your little ones have been saying!


Little Hearts, Big Love


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2 thoughts on “From the mouths of babes: October 2018

  1. So, Thomas smells of chicken after a bath? What is that oil you are basting him with?
    -Love the discription of Daddy sleeping and sleeping and sleeping, so that he doesn’t have bad dreanms.

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