From the mouths of babes: November 2018

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Sophie on a carousel horse - "From the mouths of babes: November 2018"


Sophie says… November 2018

Here are some of the things Sophie has been saying recently:



“Oh. My. Goodness. Oh my golly gosh.”

Sophie on Thomas

S: (watching me changing Thomas’s nappy) “Mummy, Thomas did a poonami.”

Me: “No, that was just a poo. A poonami is when it goes all up his back and we have to change his clothes.”

S: “And if Thomas wees up his back, he’ll do a weenami!”


S: “Mummy, Thomas is so handsome. When he grows up he can marry me.”

Me: “No, he’s your brother. You can’t marry your brother.”

S: (disappointed) “Then how will I get a ring like yours?”


S: (from the back of the car) “Mummy, Thomas is asleep. No, he’s awake. No, asleep. No, awake. No, asleep.”

Me: “I think that’s called blinking, Sophie.”


Sophie on Jessica

“I’m thinking about Jessica. I think about Jessica every day.”

“Mummy, I wish Jessica was still at my school so I could play with her in the playground.”


“Jessica is still there in our hearts Mummy. Right here. I can feel her in my tummy.”



Looking forward to reading what your little ones have been saying!


Little Hearts, Big Love
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2 thoughts on “From the mouths of babes: November 2018

  1. My three year old says a few words wrong “squibber” – squirrel, “patsy” – pasty and he can’t say quavers, so calls them crisp yellow, because of the yellow packaging

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