Friday Focus 02/11/18 – Feeling overwhelmed

I’ve been trying to juggle far too many balls this week and it’s left me feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. Hubby’s been away for the last couple of weeks so I’ve been flying solo. I’m fairly used to having to manage on my own but the combination of half-term, Sophie’s birthday and having to organise Thomas’s christening has left me feeling somewhat frazzled. Emotionally, I’ve also felt overwhelmed. It’s been one of those weeks where grief has hit hard. I miss Jessica every single day but the longing for her has felt unbearable this week.


Overwhelmed - this week's word of the week

It was Sophie’s fifth birthday on Saturday. I’d booked a Pizza Hut party with a few of her friends as this seemed the least stressful option given I was flying solo with hubby away. Except Saturday morning found me arguing with the manager on the phone while standing outside a closed Pizza Hut with all the party guests. Despite me having an email confirmation of my booking, and having called the day before to double-check details, they had no record of my booking and the manager initially told me he couldn’t take a party booking for that day. I was not impressed as you can imagine! Thankfully he did open up and the party went ahead. The children seemed oblivious to the drama and all seemed to have a lovely time in the end. It all worked out well but it wasn’t exactly the stress-free option I’d hoped for!


Sophie with her birthday cake



I’ve been looking forward to hubby’s return and having that extra support at home. Unfortunately, hubby has been unwell since getting back. I’m trying to be sympathetic, but it does feel like I’ve just gained someone else to look after rather than having someone else to help carry the load! Hopefully he will be better in time for Thomas’s christening on Sunday.



Things that have made me smile this week

  • Seeing Sophie’s birthday card on CBeebies.


  • Spending time with my family on Sophie’s birthday.


  • Hubby’s cousin and her girls visiting from Luxembourg. They enjoyed meeting Thomas for the first time and Sophie had a wonderful time with her cousins.


Hubby's cousin and her girls with Thomas


  • Watching Sophie having fun with her friend C and C’s little brother at the Light Café event.


Sophie with her friend C at the Light Cafe


  • Receiving a beautiful quilt for Thomas in the post which my friend’s mum made. She made two beautiful quilts for the girls last year and it is lovely to have one for Thomas too.


Thomas lying on the beautiful quilt that my friend's mum made for him


  • Thomas cooing away at me and being quite chatty.



16 thoughts on “Friday Focus 02/11/18 – Feeling overwhelmed

  1. Ah. Quite a week. Having little ones can be overwhelming in its own right, but flying solo while organizing future events and handling an emotional load as well, you deserve a pause to regroup at the very least. Hope next week is better. Glad Sophie had a good birthday and the restaurant worked out in the end. How? How could they get it wrong. The quilt is beautiful and Thomas looks more than cute on it. That is something to treasure. #wotw

    1. Thank you Cheryl. I’m feeling much calmer now that most of the preparations are in hand for tomorrow and there are extra pairs of hands to help out!

  2. Big hugs, life can be overwhelming sometimes, especially when you have two little ones and your grief to deal with. I’ve had the same problem with Pizza Hut in the past too, we booked a table and they had no record of our reservation. They did seat us though. I love your photos as usual, but I think the one of Thomas on the quite is really lovely, you have a talented friend. Thanks for linking up with #Wotw xx

    1. Thank you Anne. I love that photo of Thomas on the quilt. It is such a beautiful gift x

  3. Sending big hugs. It sounds like a full on week for you no wonder you have felt overwhelmed.
    Aww! Happy belated birthday to Sophie. I am so glad the party went ahead. I hope the birthday girl had a fantastic time.
    I hope your hubby is feeling better soon.
    Have a lovely day on Sunday x

    1. Thank you Kim, it has been a tough week. Hubby seems to be feeling better today thankfully x

  4. Oh I hope everything comes together for your and you’re able to relax come Sunday and enjoy the Christening! It’s been such a busy couple of weeks but it sounds like you’ve handled it really well 🙂 #WotW

    1. Thank you Emma, think we are now prepared for it and I’m starting to feel less stressed!

  5. I have really felt it through your social media this week Louise, be kind to yourself lovely lady you seem so overwhelmed at the moment. Of course that is easier said than done, I hope hubby makes a full recovery and is there to hold you up Sunday. I love the blankets, and am so glad Sophie had a lovely birthday and her cut got on CBeebies but I would have been raving at Pizza Hut! Hope the Christening is a lovely day, Jessica will be right there with you xx

    1. Thank you Sarah, it has been a tough week. Feeling less overwhelmed now that my friend has come to stay and hubby is feeling better. Am looking forward to tomorrow although am sure it will be emotional too x

  6. Oh I’m so sorry it has been a tough week for you. I was gutted for you when I read about what happened at Sophie’s birthday party, if anyone deserves a stress-free party it’s you and Sophie. I’m glad it went well in the end. I hope your hubby is well and ready to help out soon.

    1. Thank you Nat. It was very stressful but I’m glad it went well in the end. Hubby is feeling much better now, thank you 🙂

  7. I can’t believe how big Thomas is getting, he’s got such a cheeky smile. You are a Supermum, all the flying solo you do – I can barely manage when Mark goes to the gym before work and I’m left to get everyone out the house and to school on time.

    Hope Sophie had a lovely Birthday xxx

    1. I have all my little routines in place now for flying solo so it isn’t too bad – just had a bit too much to juggle this time. I love all the little smiles that I get from Thomas now. Sophie had a lovely birthday, thank you x

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