From the mouths of babes – February 2019

From the mouths of babes is my monthly post capturing some of the things my children say. It originally started as a weekly linky but as this gradually fizzled out, I stopped recording those little sayings and found I missed it. One of the things that I love about my blog is that it has captured so many little moments that I might otherwise have forgotten about. This little round-up is my way of capturing some more of them.


Sophie crouching down next to a smiley Thomas in the swing - "From the mouths of babes - February 2019"


Sophie says…

Uncomforfall = uncomfortable


“I stayed with Nanny and then I went to see Jessica in the hospital and we played in the playing room together. I bought her a Hatchimal and some princesses.”


[Running around the room in a vest and knickers] “I’m a superhero. The kind of superhero where you see their pants!”


[Whilst talking to Daddy about family relationships] “Thomas is not my daughter. Thomas is your daughter!”


[On being reminded that Jessica used to call her ‘Baby Sofa’] “I am not baby Sofa! I don’t want to be sat on!”



Thomas talks…

Thomas is now laughing more. It used to be quite an effort to coax a laugh out of him, but now he will often lie on his playmat and chuckle away to himself. Such a beautiful sound.



Memories of Jessica

I found an audio clip on my phone earlier this month of Jessica chatting away to herself. It was so lovely to hear her voice and revisiting a moment that I’d forgotten that I captured.


We still use a lot of “Jessica-isms” in our everyday life. It always makes me smile when we use a word that she coined. This week we had to change the “bat-choos” (batteries) on Thomas’s swing.


Little Hearts, Big Love

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