Friday Focus 28/02/2020 – Park life

We’ve been enjoying lots of time at the park this week. I’m trying to get outdoors with the children as much as possible at the moment so after-school trips to the park are starting to become a regular thing. It’s been a good week for park trips – we’ve been to four different ones and Sophie has loved it.


The word 'park' with a tree forming the 'p' and a swing hanging from the 'r'


There’s a lovely little park near GreenAcres which we went to after visiting Jessica at the weekend. We went there a couple of times with Jessica as we first discovered it the summer before she died, and it was somewhere she particularly loved. I can picture her so clearly there, spinning her Kerry doll around on the roundabout. She would have loved seeing Thomas having fun there.


Sophie and Thomas spinning on a roundabout at the park


Things that have made me smile this week

  • Hubby being back home again!


  • Watching Sophie holding owls and a hawk at a Birds of Prey Encounter session.


Sophie holding a little owl


  • Listening to Thomas singing along to songs and nursery rhymes. It’s amazing how his vocabulary is increasing every day now and how many recognisable songs he can sing. Favourites at the moment are the Go-Jetters theme tune, Row Row Your Boat and Three Little Speckled Frogs.


  • Doing the flower arrangement at church.


A flower arrangement with pink and white roses, gerberas, crysanthemums and pussy willow


  • Sophie drawing pictures of herself and Jessica.


Sophie's drawing of herself and Jessica with "I love you Jessica" written at the top


  • Catching up with friends over coffee.


  • Being sent some beautiful flowers from a friend who thought I’d appreciate them after flying solo over the last couple of weeks.


  • Watching Thomas waving bye-bye to the ducks when we went to feed them after school.


Thomas waving bye-bye to the ducks


  • Sophie’s excitement at going to school while it was snowing. Shame it didn’t settle though! She was quite disappointed that it was so short-lived.


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12 thoughts on “Friday Focus 28/02/2020 – Park life

  1. It looks like a lovely week. I do wish I could get my kids out more. I love Sophie’s drawing, she’s a great artist. Your photos are all lovely too. I bet you were so pleased to see your husband again. x

  2. I love taking my grandchildren to the park. They wanted to go yesterday after school, but it was too cold and windy. That photo of Sophie and the little owl is adorable! What a wonderful experience.

    1. It is lovely to get out to the park. I loved how fearless Sophie was with holding the owls 🙂

  3. How wonderful to get out and about after school. The parks sound great and it looks like they had fun! I rarely go to the park with my two now, they’d rather go with their friends. Hmmf! lol
    Welcome back to your hubby. I bet you are glad to have him home.
    Those flowers are beautiful and Sophie’s drawings are just lovely. x

    1. It is nice getting out more after school, especially now the evenings are starting to stay lighter for longer. I’ll have to enjoy our trips to the park while I can – Sophie goes off with her friends more at the park now and one day she’ll want to go with her friends rather than me too.

  4. You are so good at getting your children out. The parks around you look fun. Must be good to have your husband back, and I do love your flower arrangement. I think it’s my favourite one of yours so far. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. #wotw

    1. I go a bit stir crazy if I’m cooped up indoors too long so it’s nice to get out with the children. Glad you liked the flower arrangements – I do enjoy doing them 🙂

  5. Aw I miss taking the boys to the park it all seems like so long ago. Sophies drawing is beautiful and Thomas is really growing up, they both are. You have areal talent for flower arranging Louise x

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