Friday Focus 28/01/22 – Unwell

Most of the family has been unwell at varying times this week. It started with Sophie being sent home from school last Friday due to feeling unwell. That one was a bit of a mystery – she had no temperature or anything that was a cause for concern but was just subdued and not her usual self. We did an LFT which was negative and repeated this a couple more times over the weekend with the same result. She’d perked up within an hour of being home and was fine up until yesterday afternoon when she came home from school looking very pale. She spent the evening sleeping on the sofa but was fine when she woke up in the morning. LFTs were all negative so it was back to school as normal again today.


The word 'unwell' in green


On Monday it was Thomas’s turn to be sent home from preschool having taken himself off to the beanbags for a lie down and refused his snack. He had a temperature, so we headed off for a PCR which was negative. He seemed back to his usual self on Tuesday morning (although we kept him off due to waiting for the PCR results) but then was unwell again Tuesday afternoon through to Thursday morning. LFTs with him have also stayed negative. He seems fine now.


Wednesday evening and it was now my husband’s turn to come down with the lurgy. Hot, shivering etc. LFTs and PCR have all been negative. He’s a little better today but still not well. Not sure what has been going on with everyone, but it doesn’t seem to be Covid at least. I’ve been okay so far and hoping it stays that way!



What I’ve been grateful for this week:


Thomas playing with foam numbers placed on tree stumps outside; Thomas and Sophie enjoying soft play; Sophie and Thomas jumping on the trampoline in Grandma and Grandad's garden; a drawing of me, hubby, Sophie and Thomas all hugging Jessica; Thomas sitting on a bench eating an apple;; Sophie with Thomas in the buggy; Thomas sitting on the tuff tray in the garden playing with pebbles painted with letters and numbers - "#365daysofgratitude 2022 - Week 4"


  • Day 21 – I am grateful that there were foam numbers to play with at Tots Go Wild this morning. Thomas was very happy especially when we added sticks to make plus, minus and equals signs so he could do sums with the numbers.


  • Day 22 – I am grateful for a fun-filled day, enjoying a film afternoon at church followed by a soft play birthday party.


  • Day 23 – I am grateful for the trampoline in Grandma and Grandad’s garden.


  • Day 24 – I am grateful for a dream-visit and for the joy of being able to hug a ten-year old Jessica. Her dream visits are rare and this was the first time I’d seen her at ten. She’s grown since the last visit, and was almost as tall as me. So wonderful to have time with her again.


  • Day 25 – I am grateful for apples.


  • Day 26 – I am grateful for a helpful big sister.


  • Day 27 – I am grateful that Thomas enjoyed playing with his new letter and number pebbles out in the garden.




Other things that have made me smile this week:

  • Getting a laugh at the end of one of my audition songs. It was a music hall number that was supposed to be funny, but I wasn’t really expecting it to get a laugh so that was a nice confidence boost.


  • Going to the pub for a drink after rehearsal. I normally head straight home afterwards but it was lovely to be able to be a bit more sociable.


  • Thomas spelling out ‘no screens before school’ with his letters – nice to see him taking the rules on board!


Thomas looking at magnetic letters spelling out 'no screens before school'


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26 thoughts on “Friday Focus 28/01/22 – Unwell

  1. Oh no! So sorry you have all felt unwell. It really is a mystery. I didn’t feel that great last night. I felt cold and shivery but nothing came of it and I felt fine this morning. At least it’s not Covid!
    Lovely photos and reasons for being grateful! x

    1. Thank you. I think these days we all automatically think everything might be Covid but of course there are other bugs going around too. Thankfully we are all feeling better again now.

  2. Glad that things are beginning to look up for everyone. It must be such a worry. And I can’t imagine kids putting up with the constant testing. Hope it’s all back to normal next week.

    1. Thank you. The kids coped surprisingly well with all the testing and we’re all feeling better again, thank goodness.

  3. So difficult to know with children what is making them unwell. I’m glad you’re little ones are feeling better and hope your husband is past the worse now. Fingers crossed you don’t catch it. You seem to have had lots of fun with the trampoline and soft play, before they were struck down. The film afternoon sounds like a good event. Clever Thomas spelling out the words. Nice that everyone found your performance funny. Fingers crossed for your audition. #wotw

    1. Thank you, I’ve managed to avoid it so far and thankfully everyone else is better now and it didn’t seem to be Covid at least. It’s nice to be able to get back to normal this week (so far!)

  4. I hope you are all feeling better now. We had a week of everyone feeling unwell although we did have positive tests for some, for others they remained negative throughout despite the same symptoms. Very strange. We decided it was best to all self-isolate anyway. Isn’t it weird, just a couple of years ago and things like LFTs and PCRs had not even been heard of. I wonder what we will be thinking when we look back at these things in the future. I’m hoping you are having a relaxing weekend and that next week is much better x

    1. Thank you. It seemed to be some kind of flu-type virus but everyone tested negative so wasn’t Covid at least. We’re all feeling better now and enjoying being able to get back to the usual routine this week.

  5. I hope everyone is feeling better now. We have been a little up and down with colds here, I’m putting it down to the weather being warm one minute and freezing the next.
    Well done with the audition song! I watched your Sunday service ‘The Fourth King’ and you were brilliant!
    Also lovely to hear that Jessica visited you in your dream. Such a precious moment. xx

    1. Thank you, we’re all much better now. I love that you watched my Sunday service – that was a fun one to do, glad you enjoyed watching. It was lovely to have a dream-visit from Jessica, they always make me smile.

  6. Sorry to hear that the children and your husband were unwell. With covid is easy to forget that there are other viruses out there, including flu. Hopefully this passed.

    1. I think we do have a tendency now to think everything is Covid. It certainly doesn’t seem to have been for us and thankfully everyone is feeling better now.

  7. Sorry everyone has been feeling rough, I hope you are okay. Good that it wasn’t covid and seemingly passed quickly. So much going around this time of year. Well done on the audition and so nice to be able to go out for a drink with your friends. It is something I have really missed. The spur of the moment stuff, which I will never take for granted again.

    1. Thank you. Those little things that we used to take for granted are definitely moments that I appreciate a lot more now.

  8. Sorry to hear everyone has been poorly, hope you’ve all recovered well. How fab you got the laugh at the end of your audition as you’d hoped for. Great to meet up with friends for a drink also.

  9. Sorry to hear you have all been feeling poorly, there seems to be quite a bit going around at the moment. Hope your are all feeling better now

  10. Glad you got through all the illness without a positive covid case! I think all other illnesses wil have a resurgence now that restrictions are lifting. #project365

    1. Thank you, we’ve got so used to thinking everything might be Covid that it’s easy to forget that there are other bugs and yes I think you’re right that there will be a resurgence of some of them again.

  11. Love the no screens before school. He can come over here with that notice anytime! I love that Jessica came and visited you in a dream. I think you are right about her height, Ethan is quite tall against me now. Sorry, you were all poorly. Funny how you all had it in some form. I had a terrible cold last week and didn’t feel well at all #WotW

  12. Sorry you had an unwell week, hard when the family all go down with something one after the other. I am glad you enjoyed your visit to the pub, chatting to people always lifts my spirits. So glad you get that time in your dreams with Jessica.

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