Friday Focus 27/09/2019 – Thankful for friendship

I love catching up with friends, especially those friends where no matter how much time has passed since you last saw each other, you just pick up as if you only saw each other yesterday. The kind of friends with whom you can truly be yourself; conversation flows easily and you can laugh, cry, grumble or celebrate depending on what is going on and where the mood takes you. I feel very lucky to have a few friends who fall into this category and to have spent time with some of them over the last week.


The word 'friends'


It started off with a lovely catch-up with one of my closest friends from my university days. Our favourite place to meet is a garden centre midway between where we both live and spend several hours drinking copious amounts of tea while letting the kids loose in soft play. The soft play was also a good place for Thomas to practice his new walking skills!


Thomas standing in the soft play and holding a blue ball in the air


Another one of our university friends got married last weekend. It was so lovely to be able to celebrate with her and her new husband on their wedding day. They had beautiful weather for it too.


A LEGO model of a bride and groom


Sophie came down with a tummy bug the next day though which meant being off school Monday and Tuesday. We did a couple of Maths and English worksheets at home, learnt a bit of French and had a piano lesson. It brought back memories of homeschooling Jessica while she was recovering from her last heart surgery which was quite bittersweet. It was lovely to have her home, but she was glad to get back to school and see her friends again on Wednesday.


I was also glad to get out and about again after being cooped up for a couple of days. I met up with church friends for lunch and enjoyed it so much that I completely lost track of time. Had it not been for a spam phone call making me pick up my phone and notice the time, I’d have been late picking up Sophie from school. As it was, I made it with two minutes to spare!


Things that have made me smile this week

  • Sophie moving up a reading level at school.


  • Watching dragonflies flying around the pond at our friends’ wedding reception. They always make me think of Jessica.


A beautiful blue dragonfly


  • Watching Thomas making his way across the dancefloor at the wedding reception and stopping every so often to clap his hands and have a little bounce in time to the music.


  • Playing human Buckaroo with a sleepy hubby and Thomas towards the end of the reception with some of the accessories from the photo booth.


Hubby and Thomas with wigs, hats and other accessories from the wedding photo booth on them


  • Getting Thomas his first pair of shoes.


Thomas standing in the shoe shop wearing his new shoes


  • Baking plum muffins for Sophie to take to school for their Macmillan coffee morning.


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6 thoughts on “Friday Focus 27/09/2019 – Thankful for friendship

  1. Wow!! Look at Thomas the Toddler!! I love those days when they first find their feet, so precious. I’m sorry Sophie was poorly, hope she’s fully recovered now. It’s nice to catch up with friends. That’s something I really need to do and soon xx

  2. Go Thomas! He looks like he’s loving his new skill. You paint such a lovely picture of him crossing the dance floor. Gorgeous. Totally agree with you about meeting up with friends and picking up where you left off. They are the best. We’ve had a lot of dragonflies in the garden. More than usual. They are so beautiful. Hope you have a good weekend. #wotw

  3. Aww Thomas’ new shoes are fab! Hope Sophie is okay now, Madam had a dicky tummy last week – must be the time of year. Catching up with friends is always nice 😀

  4. How wonderful to have fantastic friends like you do. It sounds like you’ve been had a great week.
    Aww! Soft play does sound the perfect place for Thomas to practice walking. He’s such a cutie! That photo of him and your hubby did make me chuckle!
    I’m glad Sophie got over the tummy bug quickly. Oops about loosing track of time. It’s easily done! x

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