Friday Focus 27/03/2020 – In our own little cocoon

It’s been strange having so much time at home together as a family. The only other times I can think of when we’ve stayed home like this and not ventured out have been when Sophie and Thomas were first born and we had a week of just snuggling at home together enjoying being in a little cocoon and adjusting to the change that life with a newborn brings. And this week, it has felt very much like we’re trying to stay safe together in our own little cocoon once more. Only venturing out if we have to.


The word cocoon written to look like a cocoon



I’m grateful that the weather has been so nice this week. We’ve been able to enjoy the sunshine in the garden and the children have been able to have plenty of outdoor time. We’ve been doing a lot of outdoor learning as part of Sophie’s home learning sessions this week. I’m not sure who has enjoyed it more, to be honest, me or Sophie.


It’s been nice for the children to see so much of Daddy too. We’re used to him going away regularly but the children have loved having him at home all day. It’s been good to be able to have dinner together as a family each night.


I’m trying to focus on the positives at the moment but there have been a fair few anxious moments over the last week too. Moments when the strain and the worry starts to feel a little overwhelming; when tempers and patience run short. And then we take a deep breath, remind ourselves that we just have take things moment by moment, pull together once more and carry on. Retreating back into the safety of our cocoon and hoping that all will be well.



Things that have made me smile this week

  • Watching Sophie and Thomas playing together in the garden.


Sophie helping Thomas go down the slide in the garden


  • Washing drying on the line.


  • Being able to visit Jessica on Mother’s Day and spotting frogspawn in the nearby stream.


Sophie giving the carving of Jessica a kiss at Jessica's forever bed


  • Beautiful Mother’s Day flowers.


  • Setting up a mini bowling alley in the hallway so that Sophie could still go bowling for this month’s activity.


Sophie bowling a ball down our hallway towards some furry monster skittles


  • Having lunchtime picnics in the garden.


  • Planting wildflowers and runner beans with Sophie.


  • Watching Sophie doing some shadow drawing.


Sophie doing a shadow drawing of a Playmobil tree and a giraffe


  • Making a wormery.


  • Listening to the birds singing in the garden.



Daddy and Sophie playing with the oobleck


  • Watching Sophie using sticks and leaves to build a mini den for her toys.


Sophie arranging twigs to make a miniature tepee


  • Making an explorer ship with Sophie after learning about Christopher Columbus.


  • Listening to Thomas singing away to himself.


  • Video chats with family and friends.


  • Hearing all the clapping down my street to thank the NHS and the key workers who are keeping all the essential services going right now.


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10 thoughts on “Friday Focus 27/03/2020 – In our own little cocoon

  1. We’re trying to focus on the positives, but it overtakes me at times too. You have had so much lovely outdoor time. I love all your activities, especially the shadow drawing and den making. Lucky timing for Mother’s day, so you could visit Jessica. Hope you have a lovely weekend and stay safe. #wotw

    1. Thank you Cheryl – being able to get outside so much this week has helped.

  2. It has been nice this week. I have enjoyed just being home with my family. The weather has been lovely for it.
    The mini bowling alley is such a great idea. It looks like you’ve had plenty for fun this week.
    Take care & stay safe x

    1. Thank you Kim, it is nice to be able to spend time together isn’t it?

  3. cocoon is a good word, I just hope we can all learn to live in our cocoons until it is safe to come out again. It looks like Sophie is adapting well to being at home and it’s great that the weather has brightened to allow outdoor play. (Although I hear that is about to change.) oobleck is my sensory pleasure, I’ve always had a thing for cornflour, even when I was little. Stay safe x

    1. Thanks Anne. Playing with oobleck was fun, definitely something we’ll do again.

  4. I didn’t realize it was Mother’s Day in the UK this weekend. In the US, it’s not until May. Happy Mother’s Day, Louise! The photo of Daddy and Sophie with ooblek is adorable! I bet they had fun. We do have to think of ways to keep the kids busy now that we are all at home, don’t we?

    1. Thanks Laurie. I’ve got a few ideas for the coming weeks to try and keep the children occupied – having the nice weather has definitely helped.

  5. Its been so odd hasn’t it? I too am enjoying family dinner and love us all being at home, but also feel sad for the boys that they aren’t able to go out. However because of Jack diabetes I have been super strict they haven’t stepped out for 3 weeks apart from dog walks. But am really trying to mindful that apart from all of the horrible tragedy and fear the family time is something we will never get again. x

    1. It’s hard not going out but it’s a good reminder I think that we won’t get family time like this again, and that it is something to try and enjoy as much as we can.

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