Friday Focus 26/10/18 – Catching up with family

This half-term has been all about spending time with family. Hubby has been away this week working on an event, but we’ve been enjoying catching up with the extended family while he’s been away. We had a meal out with my in-laws last Saturday to celebrate my father-in-law’s birthday. Sunday saw us heading down to spend a few days with my family and cheer on my brothers and nephews in the Great South Run. They were running to raise money for Little Hearts Matter in memory of Jessica and they certainly did her proud that day.


Family - this week's word of the week


Sophie loved spending time with her aunties, uncles and cousins. It was the first time that some of them had met Thomas. He was passed around for lots of cuddles. It’s just as well I’m breastfeeding him – I’m not sure I’d get to cuddle him myself when visiting family otherwise!


Yesterday, hubby’s cousin Meryl dropped in with her grandchildren. This weekend, we have some more family visiting. My mum, twin sister and nieces are coming up tomorrow for Sophie’s birthday and on Sunday we are catching up with hubby’s cousins who are visiting from Luxembourg.



Things that have made me smile this week

  • Sophie dressing up as a fairy on the last day of the half term. The children had to dress up as what they wanted to be when they grow up.


  • Watching Sophie have a wonderful time at my friend’s wedding reception. She was straight on the dance floor as soon as we arrived and hardly left it the whole time we were there!


Sophie on the dancefloor at my friend's wedding reception


  • Sophie’s delight at getting some sunglasses from Jessica’s optician. I hadn’t been in since before Jessica died but my mother-in-law needed to pop in while we were out last week. They remembered Jessica and were sad to hear of her passing. As Sophie had always enjoyed coming in and was quite disappointed that she couldn’t choose any glasses, they offered to do some sunglasses for her. It made her day!


Sophie trying on her new sunglasses at the opticians


  • Watching Sophie have fun throwing leaves in the air while “helping” Auntie Loraynne to sweep them up.


  • Spending the day at Chessington for their Howl’o’ween event.


Sophie on the spinning cup on the Adventure Tree carousel at Chessington


  • Watching Sophie have fun with her friend F while doing the Halloween trail at Black Park.


Sophie and her friend F standing next to a werewolf scarecrow at Black Park


  • Finding time to make Sophie’s birthday cake.


Sophie's Powerpuff Girls birthday cake



18 thoughts on “Friday Focus 26/10/18 – Catching up with family

  1. Happy Birthday to Sophie xx It sounds like you’ve had a lovely week, it’s always great to catch up with family and friends..and who doesn’t love a wedding! My kids are always on the dance floor all night at any party, and I have memories of doing the same when I was little. These are lasting memories indeed. I love Sophie’s birthday cake, well done! And I love her sunglasses, she does look really pleased with them. xx
    Thanks for linking up to WotW

    1. Thank you Anne, it’s been such a lovely half-term and celebrating her birthday was the perfect way to end it 🙂

  2. Sounds like a lovely week. That cake is brilliant! I love that Jessica’s optician made Sophie some sunglasses. Lia had her eye test last week and was devastated that she can’t have glasses like her big sister, it sounds like Sophie is just the same about wanting to be like her amazing big sister!

  3. Aww! It sounds like such a lovely week with family.
    Happy birthday to Sophie!! I hope she has a wonderful day. The cake is fab! That is so cute that she dressed up as a fairy and the sunglasses look very cool.

  4. If you had given your week another word than family, then I would have been surprised. How fabulous to spend time with so many members of your joint family. Sophie really rocked the sunglass look, and I can just imagine how difficult it was to separate her from the dance floor. Her birthday cake looks wonderful. I hope she is having a good birthday. We are just starting half term. I can’t imagine we’ll pack so much fun in as you did! Have a good weekend. #wotw

    1. Spending time with family was the perfect way to spend half-term, we had such a lovely weekend and the birthday was the perfect end to it.

  5. Wow, you are surrounded by loving family members. That’s wonderful 🙂 My parents live about 200 miles away which can be tough at times, but I’m very lucky to get on really well with my in-laws and my Mother-in-law in particular. Having a supportive team around you makes such a difference doesn’t it 🙂 #WotW

    1. It does make such a difference. My family is about an hour’s drive away but my in-laws are just down the road. It is hard sometimes to live far away from family. I can imagine living 200 miles away can be tough at times.

  6. Sophies cake looked fab I hope she had the loveliest birthday. How lovely the Optician remembered Jessica and I bet Sophie was thrilled with her glasses. Glad you had a lovely time with friends and family its sounds like you were so busy all week x

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