Friday Focus 26/01/2024 – Meh

This week has just been a bit meh to be honest. It’s grey and gloomy outside and January feels like it’s dragging on. I’ve not been able to get outside this week as much as I would have liked and have had a couple of disturbed nights of sleep due to being woken up by the stormy weather which hasn’t helped. Sophie has also been off school a couple of days this week due to being unwell. It’s just been one of those weeks.


The word 'meh' in grey bubble writing


There have been nice moments. It’s not been a bad week. It’s just been a bit grey and gloomy overall, much like the weather.



What I’ve been grateful for this week:


Me holding a glass of salted caramel brownie liqueur; Sophie and Thomas dancing in front of the TV; Thomas asleep under a space-themed quilt; my husband in his study; a selection of soft toys on Sophie's bed; a glass of coke on a wooden table; my desk - "#366daysofgratitude 2024 - Week 4"


  • Day 19 – I am grateful that I’m done with being mum’s taxi for the evening and can put my feet up and relax.


  • Day 20 – I am grateful for the joy of watching Sophie and Thomas dancing together.


  • Day 21 – I am grateful for being inside and curled up under a duvet on a stormy night.


  • Day 22 – I am grateful for my husband working from home. Thomas was happy because he got to stay home with Daddy while Sophie had her swimming lesson and I got to go for a swim while she was there.


  • Day 23 – I am grateful for Calpol and cuddles.


  • Day 24 – I am grateful for the social side of doing am-dram.


  • Day 25 – I am grateful for being able to work from home.



Other things that have made me smile this week:

  • Sophie getting a ‘Brainiac’ award at school for ‘a fantastic piece of writing’.


  • Going for a walk with a local walking group.


A view of a river with trees surrounding it


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8 thoughts on “Friday Focus 26/01/2024 – Meh

  1. Fingers crossed for a more busy week of being back to full health and strength for the family. The stormy weather has hit us too, especially at nights.

  2. I have felt Meh this week too. I am blaming the fact January is lasting forever and lack of sleep because of the storms. Poor Sophie, I hope she is feeling better now. x

  3. I’ve just used to word Meh to describe my day on my Daylio app.! I guess this gloomy weather has had an effect on us all. I hope Sophie is feeling better now

  4. Boo to illness, we’ve had some this week too. Hope Sophie’s feeling better. Nice for you to go out on the walk, and to get in some swimming.

  5. I know the feeling, MEH is how I am feeling this week. Glad you managed to get a swim in and socialise with friends at your AMDRAM session

  6. Sorry to hear Sophie was under the weather, hope she’s better now. Lack of sleep leaves me feeling Meh! Hope you’ve caught up with the sleep. Lovely to have the chance for a swim and time to yourself while everyone else was occupied.

  7. I think I have felt Meh for the whole of January if I am honest, I hope Sophie is feeling better an well done to her for getting a ‘Brainiac’ award!

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