Friday Focus 25/08/2023 – Theatre

This week has been all about being in the theatre ready for show week for The Little Mermaid. I’ve been juggling being at the theatre for chaperone shifts with spending time with Thomas. Thankfully my husband has been able to work from home a little more this week which has helped and my mum has come to stay for a couple of days to help too. Last night was opening night and I’m looking forward to seeing Sophie playing Flounder in the matinee performance today.


The word 'theatre' in white letters against a image of an empty stage with lights


It was my husband’s birthday on Wednesday but we’re having to wait a bit for the birthday cake as Sophie was at the theatre all day on Wednesday and then had rehearsal for The Wizard of Oz in the evening. She did at least get to see Daddy open his cards and presents before heading off to the theatre and hopefully we can go out for a meal next week to celebrate.



What I’ve been grateful for this week:


Thomas having a piano lesson with Grandma; a photo of my Nan with her eldest three children; Thomas building sandcastles on the beach; Sophie sitting in a giant deckchair outside the theatre; Thomas asleep in his bed; Thomas looking at models of unicorns; me with three of my sisters and my mum - "#365daysofgratitude 2023 - Week 34"


  • Day 230 – I am grateful for Grandma giving Thomas his first piano lesson.


  • Day 231 – I am grateful for getting to see old family photos. This is my Nan (my mum’s mum) with her three eldest children – my uncles Ron and Ken either side of her and my auntie Jean is the baby on her lap. She was widowed a few months before Jean was born and sadly Jean died on 2 February 1932, aged 8 months which would date this photo to around August 1931. I never knew my nan, but I know she spoke of Jean to her other children and I grew up knowing about her. I’m glad that she was able to talk about her daughter in an era when child loss was perhaps less spoken about and that Jean is still thought of and remembered. As a bereaved mum, I know how much it means to me that Jessica is still thought of and spoken about.


  • Day 232 – I am grateful for a lovely afternoon at the beach.


  • Day 233 – I am grateful for the excitement of being in the theatre for show week.


  • Day 234 – I am grateful for sleep (although could do with a bit more of it!)


  • Day 235 – I am grateful for a mythical and magical trail at Black Park.


  • Day 236 – I am grateful for an evening out with my mum and three of my sisters.



Other things that have made me smile this week:

  • Having a lovely chat with Sophie about Jessica and her sharing some of her memories of her big sister. Jessica would have been so proud of Sophie this week. I’m not sure that she would have been joining her on stage if she was still with us, but she would certainly have been excited for her little sister having a principal role.


  • Thomas playing “Happy birthday” on his keyboard for Daddy on his birthday.


  • Watching Thomas bouncing on the trampolines while doing some back-to-school shopping in town.


Thomas jumping on a trampoline in front of the shops in town


  • Seeing my brother when he popped in to say hello while I was out with my sisters.


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16 thoughts on “Friday Focus 25/08/2023 – Theatre

  1. I’m sure Sophie will make an excellent Flounder 😀 I like looking at old family pictures too. Thomas looks like he’s having a great time on the trampolines

  2. How exciting, I love the theatre and I would be so thrilled to know someone performing. I bet Sophie is brilliant, especially if she’s anything like her mother! I love the photo of Thomas bouncing and your lovely old photos.

  3. It sounds like a busy week. I hope Sophie has a wonderful show.
    Happy birthday to your husband.
    I love looking at old family photos and it looks like Thomas was having a great time on the trampoline. x

  4. Aww I bet Sophie did really well as Flounder.

    Always nice to see old family photos.

    Happy belated birthday to your husband!

  5. Very belated birthday wishes to your husband. I love old family photos, seeing what they used to wear or what was going on in the background, they can be so interesting. Gosh you have a big family with so many sisters, I just have the one brother, glad you had a nice evening out with them.

  6. I love old family photos, you’re right a lot of subjects just weren’t discussed back in the day, they must have really suffered maintaining silence.
    Happy Birthday to your husband

    1. There were a lot of things that weren’t talked about. I’m glad my nan was able to talk about her losses.

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