Friday Focus 25/03/22 – Covid

We’ve managed to avoid it for two years but Covid has finally hit our house. Hubby tested positive on Tuesday evening and while the children and I are still currently testing negative, I’ve been feeling pretty grotty today so I’m expecting my result to change at some point. Hubby’s not been too bad, mostly feeling like he has a nasty cold and I’m hoping that should the rest of us get it, it will be fairly mild as well.


The word 'Covid' with the 'o' and the dot over the 'i' drawn as Covid viruses


What I’ve been grateful for this week:


Sophie swinging on goalposts at the park; my in-laws cutting their golden wedding cake; daffodils and forsythia at Jessica's forever bed; red tulips in the garden; washing on the line; Thomas holding up a heart decorated with foam shapes and a stamp saying 'Happy Mother's Day'; boiled eggs and toast soldiers with a cup of tea on a garden table - "#365daysofgratitude 2022 - Week 12"


  • Day 77 – I am grateful for blue skies and having fun at the park with friends after school.


  • Day 78 – I am grateful that my in-laws finally got to have their golden wedding celebration and had a lovely day, even if it was two years late!


  • Day 79 – I am grateful for being able to share the flowers from yesterday’s party with Jessica and Auntie Marls.


  • Day 80 – I am grateful for the pretty tulips a friend gave me when I was feeling down, and which are now starting to bloom in Jessica’s garden. Lovely to see the forget-me-nots appearing too.


  • Day 81 – I am grateful for washing on the line.


  • Day 82 – I am grateful for this lovely heart that Thomas made at preschool for me for Mothers’ Day.


  • Day 83 – I am grateful for breakfast in the garden while watching Thomas play and listening to the birds singing.



Other things that have made me smile this week:

  • A beautiful magnolia tree in bloom against a bright blue sky.


A magnolia tree in bloom against a blue sky


  • Thomas asking “what French number is this?” when looking at house numbers on the school run.


  • The way Thomas gave Jessica’s statue a hug when we were leaving GreenAcres and said “Bye, bye Jessica. Love you Jessica.” We had a similarly lovely moment one morning when he looked up at Jessica’s photos and said “Good morning, beautiful Jessica.”


Thomas holding Jessica's statue on her memorial at her forever bed


  • Watching Sophie and Thomas playing together and having dinner in the garden after school.


Thomas and Sophie sitting at a table in the garden eating pancakes


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10 thoughts on “Friday Focus 25/03/22 – Covid

  1. Oh no! I suppose it is inevitable that we’re all going to catch Covid at some point now but it still isn’t nice when it happens. I hope you all continue to feel not too bad.
    What lovely photos! Congrats to your in-laws and it is great to get the washing out on the line. x

    1. Thank you Kim. It did feel inevitable that we were going to get it at some point. Thankfully we’re all on the mend now.

  2. I truly hope that Covid doesn’t hit you bad. I love how Thomas knows Jessica and loves her, even though he never got to meet her, he’s such a sweetheart x

  3. Looks like you’ve been making the most of the weather. Sorry to hear Covid’s hit. Hopefully your husbands gets over it will no ill effects, and if the rest of you come down with it, it’s mild. How nice that your in laws could finally have their wedding anniversary celebration.

  4. Hope covid has cleared by now and that you haven’t all caught it. Zach has managed to escape it but the rest of us have all had it. The weather hads been lovely but then we’ve had snow this week! #project365

    1. Thanks Laura, we did all get it in the end but are feeling better now. Sorry that you all had it too apart from Zach.

  5. Love the magnolia and great to hear you’ve found so many positives this week despite covid hitting the house. I too have been grateful for the washing on the line, especially after visitors and all the bedding.

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