The Friday Focus – 24/06/16

I’ve not blogged about this week’s EU referendum but it’s certainly been something that has dominated my thoughts this week.  The uncertainty about the future has left me feeling quite unsettled and worried.  At the time of writing this, the voting has just closed and the result is unknown but I think no matter which way the vote goes, the after effects of this referendum will be felt for quite some time to come.

Uncertainty - this week's word of the week


EU referendum aside, it’s been a mixed week on the whole.  There’s always a feeling of coming down to earth again after a lovely family holiday and the torrential rain we’ve had hasn’t helped much with that.  Hubby’s away working on an event and I’ve had a flat tyre and leaking boiler to deal with.  On the up side, I’m looking forward to seeing lots of blogging friends at #BML16 this weekend and my mum has come to stay for a few days and look after the girls for me.  Whatever goes on in politics will be pushed firmly out of my mind on Saturday and I will be focusing on enjoying myself and hopefully picking up some more tips and tricks about blogging along the way.


Things I have loved this week:

  • Hubby indulging my whim to pay a brief visit to Kingswear at the end of our holiday as some of my ancestors are from there. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to find the entrance to the churchyard to see if any of them are buried there but it was interesting to see the place where part of my family comes from and I also got to see a steam train passing through.

Watching the steam train passing through Kingswear

  • Catching up with one of our university friends on the way home from holiday.
  • Taking the girls to see In the Night Garden Live and meeting Igglepiggle and Upsy Daisy afterwards.

Meeting Upsy Daisy at In The Night Garden Live

  • A meal out with a group of friends on Father’s Day.
  • Making a little more progress on the garden and seeing my Pretty Jessica roses in bloom.

A Pretty Jessica rose in bloom

  • Jessica getting a lovely card from her preschool teachers and friends for being so brave during her recent cardiac catheter procedure.

Jessica's card from her preschool teachers and friends for being so brave during her cardiac catheter procedure

  • Sophie giving Jessica a big hug after preschool and saying “I love you so much, Jess-ta!”
  • Watching Jessica take part in her last preschool sports day and telling me she was “the winner”
  • Jessica telling my mum “I love having you come to stay, Nanny!”


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