Friday Focus 24/11/2023 – Special

We’ve had some lovely special moments this week. There’s been the more everyday kind of special moments such as time with friends, trips to the park, and morning snuggles with the kids in my bed when Daddy was away for a couple of days. I’ve also had a couple of evenings out this week attending a charity event and going to a wreath making workshop.


The word "special" in various shades of pink


The highlight of the week was being invited to share Jessica’s story at the Champions of Cyclesport Gala Dinner, a fundraising event in aid of Action Medical Research. We’ve been involved in supporting the work of Action Medical Research since Jessica was four and have shared Jessica’s story a few times to help raise awareness of the work that Action do to help fund research project into rare diseases and conditions.


It was an amazing event and while it was a bit daunting getting up to speak in front of about 650 people, everyone we met there was so friendly and we had a lovely evening. I always love to be able to talk about Jessica and the wonderful little girl she was. Action are such an amazing charity and it means so much to be given the opportunity to talk about Jessica and know that through doing so, we can help other families.


Me speaking at the Champions of Cyclesport Gala Dinner




What I’ve been grateful for this week:


Cheese scones cooling on a wire rack; Thomas holding the paper cube desk calendar he made; Sophie and Thomas flying a kite at the park; my new black winter boots; Sophie and Thomas sitting on the sofa eating ice lollies; me and my husband in front of the media board for the Champions of Cyclesport Gala Dinner; a Christmas wreath made with fir, holly and ivy - "#365daysofgratitude 2023 - Week 47"


  • Day 321 – I am grateful that today has been just the right balance of productivity, time for myself and time spent with friends.


  • Day 322 – I am grateful for Thomas being inspired by a craft project he saw on YouTube. I helped him make the cubes, but he did all the drawing for his calendar by himself.


  • Day 323 – I am grateful for an afternoon at the park riding scooters and flying a kite.


  • Day 324 – I am grateful for new winter boots.


  • Day 325 – I am grateful for ice lollies helping make Thomas feel better after falling over and biting the inside of his cheek.


  • Day 326 – I am grateful for the opportunity to share Jessica’s story at the Champions of Cyclesport Gala Dinner and raise awareness of the wonderful work that Action Medical Research do.


  • Day 327 – I am grateful for an evening spent at a wreath making workshop and time to quietly focus on making Jessica’s Christmas wreath for her forever bed.



Other things that have made me smile this week:

  • Having lunch with a friend.


  • Sophie getting a ‘Star of the Day’ certificate at school and a certificate for coming top in her class in their times table league.


  • Watching Sophie and Thomas ride their scooters at the park.


Thomas riding his scooter at the park


  • A video call with my mum who has gone on her first ever holiday abroad and is having a wonderful time in St Lucia with four of my siblings.


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12 thoughts on “Friday Focus 24/11/2023 – Special

  1. It sure sounds like you’ve had a special week. You must be so happy and grateful. Doing that speech was the highlight for me. I still don’t think that I could do it. Well done you. Have a great week ahead.

    1. Thank you. It was nerve-wracking but it means a lot to be able to talk about Jessica and share her story to help others.

  2. It does sound like a special week, those everyday moments are something to cherish. How lovely that you got to share Jessica’s story at the gala dinner. Well done for speaking in front of all of those people.
    I love your winter boots and your wreath is just beautiful. x

    1. Thank you Kim, it was such a lovely event and meant a lot to be invited to share Jessica’s story.

  3. Oh wow, first of all, how lovely for your Mum to be enjoying her first holiday abroad. I may have mine too one day. My hope is for my 60th birthday (ish) I worry about taking my wheelchair on a plane so I’m thinking more of a trip to Europe by boat or train. Secondly, well done for talking about Jessica at that event, I’m so proud of you. x

    1. Hope you do manage to get that holiday abroad. I was amazed when my mum said she was getting herself a passport and going abroad! Thank you – it meant a lot to be able to share Jessica’s story and know that it could help others x

  4. Well done on your speech for the gala. Sounds like it was a worthy event, and that it went well. Well done Sophie on her certificates this week. I do miss finding out about achievements at secondary school – you just never know how they do unless they get house points/behaviour points – but even then many teachers don’t put what they were for!)

    1. Thank you, it was lovely to be able to share Jessica’s story. I’m sure it will be the same with not finding out so much about achievements for Sophie when she gets to secondary school too.

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