Friday Focus 01/12/2023 – Progress

We’ve made good progress on sorting out bedrooms this week. Sophie’s room now has her new furniture in place, and while there are still boxes and cupboards to sort out, it’s all looking much more organised again. We’ve also done some shifting things around in our bedroom which has made the stacks of boxes feel less obtrusive now that they’ve been moved into the corner. There’s still more to do, but I’m feeling more relaxed about potentially putting it off until after Christmas now that things look tidier again.


The word 'progress' in purple


I’ve made progress on the Christmas shopping this week. I’m not quite as organised as I would have liked to have been at this point, but I’ve started wrapping the gifts I’ve bought so far and Sophie and Thomas have both started on their Christmas cards. I’m quite glad that Thomas is now able to write his own!


We’re all ready for the start of Advent – the Advent calendar has been hung up and filled with chocolate coins and the book advent is ready. I do love sitting down and reading a festive book each day with the children. The selection of books has changed over the years although there are a few that remain firm favourites.



What I’ve been grateful for this week:


A Christmas tree in town; Thomas looking at a donkey in a pen; Sophie's new white chest of drawers and bookcase/cupboard in her room; my mum and my brother on a jet-ski; a full moon; pink and purple flowers in a vase; a Christmas Eve box filled with books inside red fabric covers - "#365daysofgratitude 2023 - Week 48"


  • Day 328 – I am grateful for a walk through town looking seeing the Christmas lights.


  • Day 329 – I am grateful that Thomas enjoyed seeing the donkeys at the Christmas light switch on event.


  • Day 330 – I am grateful that Sophie’s new furniture is now in place in her bedroom.


  • Day 331 – I am grateful for video chats with my mum who is having the most amazing time on her first holiday abroad. Love that she went on a jet-ski for the first time today – isn’t she amazing for 83?!


  • Day 332 – I am grateful for a few moments just looking up at the night sky.


  • Day 333 – I am grateful for being organised with Jessica’s flowers so I could trim and arrange them at home in the warm ready to take to her tomorrow.


  • Day 334 – I am grateful for the Advent book bags I made a couple of years ago. Makes setting up the book Advent calendar so much easier!



Other things that have made me smile this week:

  • Sophie putting on her dungarees to be a “builder” and help put her new furniture together.


Sophie using a hammer to assemble furniture


  • Sophie making a peg-doll ballerina for her dance school’s Christmas tree.


A peg-doll ballerina with a cupcake case tutu and pipe-cleaners wound to make a top


  • Watching Sophie taking part in a poetry evening at school.


  • Spending time with Jessica and taking her Christmas wreath to her.


Jessica's forever bed with a Christmas wreath in front and pink and purple flowers in her vase


  • Hearing about all my mum’s adventures on her holiday.


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8 thoughts on “Friday Focus 01/12/2023 – Progress

  1. Well done on the progress you’ve made re organising things and also on Christmas bits. I think I’ve got the majority of what I want done. It’s just the little things now. Hopefully things will fall into place in time. Have a great weekend.

  2. Well done on your progress, it’ s always a positive. One thing I miss so much is reading to my kids. Maybe next year I can look into volunteering reading to young children…ohh I feel inspired! Jessica’s place looks lovely.

  3. It does sound like you have made good progress in Sophie’s bedroom, the new furniture looks fab and with the Christmas shopping. It does really make things easier when the kids write their own Christmas cards out. x

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