Friday Focus 17/11/2023 – Chaotic

We’re currently at the chaotic stage of sorting out bedrooms with our room and Sophie’s room currently both piled up with boxes. I had hoped that Sophie’s new furniture would be in place by the end of the weekend but things haven’t progressed quite as quickly as I hoped. It’ll get there, but the chaos is driving me slightly mad at the moment!


The word 'chaotic; in red



What I’ve been grateful for this week:


My new computer chair; Sophie's bedroom with her bed surrounded by boxes and clutter; Sophie and Thomas in their Brigade uniforms standing in front of poppy wreaths at the peace memorial; Sophie hugging Thomas on his bed; a table at a restaurant next to a Christmas tree; Thomas hugging Daddy; Sophie's drawing of a person with hair sticking up around their head and her hair with eight plaits looped and tied with ribbons - "#365daysofgratitude2023 - Week 46"


  • Day 314 – I am grateful for a new and much comfier computer chair.


  • Day 315 – I am grateful that Sophie’s bed at least is clear even if the rest of her room is a mess as we’re currently at the very chaotic stage of sorting out bedrooms.


  • Day 316 – I am grateful that Thomas did well joining in with his first Remembrance Sunday parade. My first one with two children in Brigades as Sophie joined Girls’ Brigade just after Jessica’s last Remembrance Sunday parade.


  • Day 317 – I am grateful that the little loving bedtime moments are still as much a part of our routine as ever even with these two now being in separate rooms.


  • Day 318 – I am grateful for a lovely relaxed evening out enjoying a meal with friends.


  • Day 319 – I am grateful for evenings when hubby is home early enough to help with pick-ups from activities and bedtime.


  • Day 320 – I am grateful that I managed to fulfil Sophie’s design brief for crazy hair day at her dance class this evening.



Other things that have made me smile this week:

  • Being sent some photos of Jessica by a friend.


  • Hubby joining us for the school run.


  • Using Photoshop to add Jessica to the Remembrance Sunday photo.


Sophie, Jessica and Thomas in their Brigade uniforms standing in front of the poppy wreaths laid at the foot of the peace memorial


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7 thoughts on “Friday Focus 17/11/2023 – Chaotic

  1. Soon you won’t even remember how chaotic it was! Well at least that’s my hope. I remember those bedtime routines with fondness too. Sending thoughts for things to be sorted soon.

  2. Ahh! I hate that stage in doing things like sorting bedrooms when everything is in chaos. I hope you get it sorted soon.
    Lovely photos, especially the one with Jessica in the Remembrance Sunday one. Sophie’s hair really is a little crazy! I love it! x

  3. Sorting bedrooms is chaotic, I’ve been doing my kids rooms for about 4 months now. I can’t do much at a time but all the sorting out is a nightmare. Thankfully mine are not so little so they can help. I hope the chaos is sorted for you soon x

  4. Ahh bedrooms! Seems you have to make a mess (and then more mess) before the actual sorting and tidying can start. It will be worth it in the end though.

  5. Oh the never ending joy of cleaning and tidying kids bedrooms. I just shut the door after grandchild’s visit, although Dil usually tidies everything away, I just haven’t been in to see just in case.

  6. Lovely parade photo especially with Jessica’s addition too. I think we will try to attack the kids’ rooms that first week of the hols, don’t think I can face it before then! #project365

  7. Chaos always seems to last so long when you’re moving things around doesn’t it. Hopefully it’s all almost completed soon. Nice that they were both in the Rememberance Parade together. I remember doing it with Brownies and Guides.

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