Friday Focus 10/11/2023 – Bedrooms

We’ve been focusing on sorting out bedrooms this week with Thomas moving into his own room. He’s been very excited about having his own bedroom and absolutely loved his Numberblocks themed room. So far he’s also stayed in his own bed until morning which is great as he often tends to climb in with us sometime in the early hours.


The word 'bedrooms' with a doodle of a bed over the 'bed'


It’s been a big change involving a lot of sorting out of things that had been previously stored in that room and sorting things out has been emotionally draining at times, especially when coming across Jessica’s things.


Thomas new bed with Numberblocks themed bedding and Numberblocks clings on the wardrobe door; a chest of drawers with books on top and storage units containing toys


The hardest thing was having to dismantle Jessica’s bed in our bedroom to make room for the things we were moving out of Thomas’s room. We cried a lot before, during and after taking the bed apart. We knew it had to happen and that it didn’t take anything away from our memories of Jessica, but it still felt like we were erasing another part of her life from our house. Another reminder that time moves on, but there are no new memories of Jessica to be made. Jessica’s bed is now replaced with stacks of boxes, waiting for whatever pieces of furniture will provide the extra storage we need. I miss seeing her little bed there.


Jessica's bed with a heart-patterned quilt on top, a small collection of soft toys at the end of the bed and Jessica's favourite doll on her pillow. Her slippers are underneath the bed.


This weekend, we’re focusing on Sophie’s room. The plan is to dismantle Thomas’s toddler bed and put new furniture there. At the moment, Thomas’s old bed is providing a storage space for the soft toys that were on Sophie’s bed. Sophie was shocked by quite how many there were when they weren’t all squashed up into as small a space as possible. Last time I counted them, there were 68 and I think a few more have been added since then! We’ll be finding other spaces to store them in future though and limiting her to a maximum of 10 on her bed at any one time!


A collection of soft toys filling a toddler bed



What I’ve been grateful for this week:


Thomas holding a sparkler; Thomas's new room with a Numberblocks duvet on the bed and Numberblocks clings on the wardrobe door; Sophie with her new godmother; Sophie holding a 25m swimming certificate and medal; a holly tree with red berries; Thomas asleep in his new bed cuddled up to his toys; Thomas playing with Numberblocks Mathlink cubes at the table. "#365daysofgratitude 2023 - Week 45"


  • Day 307 – I am grateful that Sophie and Thomas enjoyed the Brigades’ fireworks evening.


  • Day 308 – I am grateful that Thomas is so happy with his new bedroom.


  • Day 309 – I am grateful that my lovely friend agreed to Sophie asking her to be her godmother as well as Thomas’s and spent time this morning going through the promises in the baptism service with Sophie and making them. She was already an honorary godmother to Sophie as part of Team Godparent but is now an official one 😊


  • Day 310 – I am grateful for a 25m swimming award for Sophie.


  • Day 311 – I am grateful that I managed to get the Christmas grocery delivery slot that I wanted.


  • Day 312 – I am grateful that Thomas has settled well into his new bedroom.


  • Day 313 – I am grateful for Numberblocks.



Other things that have made me smile this week:

  • A visit from the cousins who were over from Luxembourg for their half-term.


  • Watching Thomas enjoying the bouncy castle at a classmate’s birthday party.


Thomas jumping on a pirate ship themed bouncy castle


  • A good report for Sophie at parents’ evening – she’s doing well overall and is happy and sociable which is good to hear.


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9 thoughts on “Friday Focus 10/11/2023 – Bedrooms

  1. What memories. Even though tears come at times too, I quite like seeing some of my son’s things and being able to bring back the happy memories. Thomas is a big boy! Sleeping in his own room all night is an accomplishment, so well done to him.

  2. Well done Thomas for staying in his own room. It looks fantastic! It does sound very emotional sorting it all out.
    Oh wow! That is a lot of soft toys! My youngest wouldn’t part with any of hers so we got hanging nets for the corners of her bedroom and they are all up there safe now. Well apart from the few she has on her bed. x

  3. The bed covered in cuddly toys looks like Madam’s bed (and she’s 16…) it’s a wonder she can sleep! I love Thomas’ room, it’s very cool. Well done to him for sleeping in his room all night too.

  4. It must have been so hard removing Jessica’s bed x My girls still have a lot of cuddly toys on their beds. I was surprised this week at just how many my Little Man has too, we changed his bed together. I can’t reach so he had to do some work, I just hadn’t noticed how big his collection of cuddly toys were before. I love Thomas’ new room, I’m glad he likes it too.

  5. Hugs, must have been so hard moving Jessica’s bed.

    Glad Thomas liked his new room!

    We have so many cuddly toys in the house between the 3 girls that I always say no more but then they still end up getting more!

  6. Well done Sophie on her swimming and parents evening. Looks like Thomas loves his new bedroom. It’s lovely and bright for him. N still has his teddy in bed with him! although most of the others are now in the storage under his bed.

  7. Sorry to hear about the tears but they are an expression of love. Big moment moving into your own room, hope Thomas is still settled. #project365

  8. Thomas’ room looks brilliant, I really need to decorate the boys room as it hasn’t been done for years, but cannot face taking all their LEGO down. Well done Sophie on her swimming and parents evening

  9. Well done to Sophie with parents evening. Thomas’s new room looks lovely. Such a hard thing to have done dismantling Jessica’s bed, big hugs to you all, I just don’t know how you manage to do it x

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