Friday Focus 24/05/2024 – Solo

I enjoyed being back on stage again last weekend for a musical theatre concert and getting to perform a solo along with a duet and several group numbers. It was a good distraction in some ways as the concert was on the anniversary of Jessica’s funeral, but it was also emotional too, especially as one of the songs being performed was the final song that we chose for her funeral.


The word 'solo' in purple bubble writing


Having my mum around for the weekend was great. Sophie and Thomas loved spending time with Nanny and I was very thankful for all her help. It was such a busy weekend for me – as well as the concert, I was also leading the service on Sunday morning and had a church meeting afterwards! I wasn’t able to spend quite as much time with my mum as I would have liked, but we had some nice time together after I’d finished at church and it was good to spend time visiting Jessica together before Mum went home.


Me at Jessica's forever bed


I’ve been flying solo since my mum went home as my husband’s away working on an event this week. Thankfully it’s not been quite such a busy week as usual, and I’ve had help on hand from Thomas’s godmother on the one evening when I was needed for chaperoning at Sophie’s theatre group.



What I’ve been grateful for this week:


A welcome mat made by Thomas; the opening number of the concert; my mum sitting on a bench with Sophie and Thomas under a flowery arch; Sophie eating chicken chow mein; Thomas sitting on the sofa next to Jessica's photo cushion; a sleeping Thomas in his bed; a wild strawberry next to a strawberry blossom - "#366daysofgratitude 2024 - Week 21" 


  • Day 138 – I am grateful for the excitement at having Nanny come to stay for the weekend. Love Thomas’s welcome mat.


  • Day 139 – I am grateful for the fun of being on stage with a wonderful cast for our two performances of our musical theatre concert today.


  • Day 140 – I am grateful for spending time with my mum and for all her help this weekend.


  • Day 141 – I am grateful for a yummy dinner cooked by Sophie.


  • Day 142 – I am grateful that Thomas enjoyed spending time with Godmummy Cathy while I was chaperoning at Sophie’s theatre group this evening.


  • Day 143 – I am grateful for a quiet evening at home.


  • Day 144 – I am grateful that the wild strawberries have started to ripen in the garden.



Other things that have made me smile this week:

  • Seeing the photos from the concert.


Me on stage wearing a flowery blouse and denim skirt and holding a microphone


  • A visit from the tooth fairy for Sophie.


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6 thoughts on “Friday Focus 24/05/2024 – Solo

  1. Nice to have some help when it gets busy especially when you’re solo parenting. Glad the musical theatre performances went well

  2. You sound like you did wonderfully well flying solo this week. I rate you highly for singing solo while others are watching and listening! Really brave, and something I could not do. Sounds like your mum did a lovely job fitting in for you too, and I’m sure the little ones were happy about that.

  3. Oh wow! What a weekend! Well done with the performances, it sounds like it was an emotional day. Having your mum around must have been a brilliant help, not just with the kids but being there for you too. You always do so well going solo. x

  4. Well done on your performance, I’ve heard you sing and you have such a beautiful voice. I’m glad you had your Mum to stay and help out. I wish you a peaceful week ahead x

  5. Well done with the solo performance. How lovely for your mum being able to come and stay to help you while hubby is away. how exciting for Sophie to have a visit from the tooth fairy and I love the welcome mat Thomas made for Nanny.

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