Friday Focus 24/02/2023 – Theatre

We’re in the theatre this week for show week and the first two performances of The Drowsy Chaperone are done and dusted with three more to go. It’s been so good to be back on a big stage again doing a musical and I’ve really enjoyed this week so far. So far it’s going well although there have been one or two hiccups behind the scenes, the biggest one being one of our principal cast being unable to perform for the second night of the show. Thankfully someone who I used to perform with in my previous am-dram group stepped in and did a brilliant job at short notice. I’ve had a couple of wardrobe malfunctions (including my bloomers nearly falling down during a dance number in dress rehearsal) but the performances so far have gone well and the audiences have been lovely and responsive.


The word 'theatre' in white letters against a image of an empty stage with lights


The thing I really love about the show is that everyone in the cast (including the chorus) has a proper character part and it’s been so much fun bringing those different characters out. I shall be quite sad when it’s all over!


A cast photo from the Drowsy Chaperone taken during the finale
Image credit: Neil Mackin


Sophie was also performing on stage in a theatre for her dance festival and came second in her modern section which was a lovely surprise. She has to work harder with her modern as it doesn’t come as easily to her as tap and it was only the second time she’s performed her modern routine so she did really well to get a silver medal. She and her dance partner performed their musical theatre duet for the last time and got really lovely feedback: “Lovely bright intro establishing two expressive characters. You look like two friends enjoying their time on stage. How lovely. Lovely clean technique – both dancers performing with precision – travelling so well around the stage.” It was an extremely strong category and they weren’t expecting to be in a medal position (they ended up placing 6th) so the focus was going out for the last time and enjoying the dance and clearly that came across. They’ll be starting a new duet later in the year.



What I’ve been grateful for this week:


Sophie in her modern costume holding her silver medal and certificate; Sophie and Thomas with Grandma at the Beefeater; the orchestra rehearsing at the theatre; me taking a selfie in costume in the dressing room; Thomas with a pancake covered in whipped cream, strawberries and bananas; a cast photo on stage during the opening number; me with our stand-in Aldopho - "#365daysofgratitude 2023 - Week 8" 


  • Day 48 – I am grateful for a surprise silver medal for Sophie in modern today. She isn’t naturally bendy so has to work extra hard with modern but it came off well today and the adjudicator liked her sassy, fun routine and gave her 86 marks for it. Well done Sophie!


  • Day 49 – I am grateful for a lovely evening out celebrating my mother-in-law’s birthday.


  • Day 50 – I am grateful for getting into the theatre and having the band call. Always so good to hear the music played by the orchestra for the first time. Excited for show week now – 3 days to go until opening night!


  • Day 51 – I am grateful for a first run-through on stage for the technical rehearsal


  • Day 52 – I am grateful for pancakes.


  • Day 53 – I am grateful for a fabulous first night of The Drowsy Chaperone. It was so much fun performing to an audience for the first time and I loved every minute.


  • Day 54 – I am grateful for our lovely stand-in who came in and covered the part of Adolpho at very short notice as our Adolpho was ill and unable to perform this evening. Hoping that Laurie will be well enough to perform tomorrow but a huge well done to Matt who was brilliant this evening.



Other things that have made me smile this week:

  • Thomas’s excitement when wishing Grandma a happy birthday because “you’re a square now, Grandma, like me and Sophie!” (Grandma’s age now being 9×9, Sophie being 3×3 and Thomas being 2×2). He also came home with a picture for Grandma (which was lovely as he very rarely brings home any artwork).


Thomas's birthday drawing for Grandma with the word 'birthday' and '80 years' and '81 years' written inside two boxes


  • Catching up with a friend over lunch.


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18 thoughts on “Friday Focus 24/02/2023 – Theatre

  1. Ahh! I knew your word would be something show related this week. It sounds like you have been having a brilliant time.
    Well done to Sophie with her dance festival. What great feedback for her. x

  2. So glad your show is going well. What are a few hiccups! It does sound fun. Congratulations to Sophie and her partner. That is quite a write up plus Sophie’s medal. I bet she can’t wait until next time. Clever Thomas for working out that the ages were squares. He does like his numbers. Hope you have a good week and the rest of your show goes well.

    1. Thank you. It was such a lovely write-up from the musical theatre duet. Thomas did make me chuckle with the comment about squares – his mind really is very much numbers-focused!

  3. I am so jealous, I’ve always wanted to do Am Dram but I have little skill. I have performed in a choir and orchestra but I’ve no natural talent. I’m glad you are having a wonderful time despite the hiccups. Well, done to Sophie, she sounds like she’s doing really well.

  4. Congratulations on a successful show! You all look like you’re having a brilliant time. Well done to Sophie too 🙂

  5. Congrats on a successful first night opening. Love Thomas’s drawing and how they’re ‘squares’ now. Well done to Sophie with her dance festival

    1. Thank you – it’s not a very well-known show. It did well on Broadway but didn’t last very long in the West End. Not quite sure why – it’s a very funny show and I loved every minute of doing it.

    1. Thank you – Sophie is currently rehearsing for a show and I’ll be starting the next one in May.

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