Friday Focus 23/09/16 – Flying solo

I’m flying solo once again with hubby working away on an event.  This is a busy time of year for him – from now until Christmas, we’ll have lots of spells of him working away and having to make the most of the time when he is home.  This week has been made a little harder by me being full of cold and not knowing exactly when hubby is going to be home again as the event he is currently working on may well run into the next one.  It makes it trickier to answer Jessica’s constant question “how many sleeps until Daddy comes home?” I’ve had to give her the longest option – much better that Daddy comes home sooner than expected than the girls being disappointed at him being away for longer than they thought.

"Solo" - this week's word of the week

There is one advantage of hubby being away though – if the girls climb into bed with me during the night (which they are both doing quite frequently at the moment), there is enough room for all of us to get a reasonable night’s sleep!


Things I have loved this week:

  • Jessica being “star of the week” at Girls’ Brigade.
  • A weekend spent doing lots of baking with my girls.

Jessica filling the cake pop moulds with cake mix

  • Watching the Sound of Music again (although it was prompted by the news of the recent death of Charmian Carr who played Liesl). Despite the sad news that prompted my watching it again, it’s still a film that never fails to leave me feeling warm and fuzzy and is still my all-time favourite.
  • Beautiful sunrises (the one good thing about it getting light later in the mornings).
  • Sitting at the table and doing some drawing with Jessica and Sophie.
  • A day out with Sophie at Chiltern Open Air Museum.

Sophie riding a hobby horse at Chiltern Open Air Museum

  • The big cuddles I get from Jessica after she comes home from school.
  • Wrapping myself in a big warm cardi and snuggling on the sofa with my girls.


15 thoughts on “Friday Focus 23/09/16 – Flying solo

  1. Ahh good luck with flying solo, although it sounds like you have it sussed. Hope the cold gets better soon! We have the same pesky long working hours in August for my husband so we’re always trying to squeeze in family time all over the place.

  2. You do manage really well hun flying solo, as I bet you miss hubby lots. The cuddles in bed must be nice. The gremlin slept with my hubby the other night (I was hidden all snotty in the spare room). Sounds like a good week with plenty of quality time with the girls. I’m quite liking the cooler, darker mornings but I’m already excited for Christmas!! haha. xx #wotw

  3. Yes it’s that time of year again isn’t it, I’ll be flying solo in a few weeks time so I know where you’re coming from.Still, there’s plenty of room in the bed for cuddles which is lovely.
    Sounds like you’ve spent lots of time with the girls doing quality things, colourings and baking – the best way to enjoy each others company after busy days at school.
    Hope your cold gets better really soon

  4. You sound like you manage really well, although I’m sure you are all exceedingly pleased when he finally gets home. Difficult to manage their expectations when they measure time so differently to us. Gorgeous last photo of the smiling horse rider. #wotw

  5. The hardest part must be the girls asking for daddy and wondering when he’ll be back. Sounds like yo’re doing well, though, and those bedtime cuddles would definitely make it all better. Hope he manages to get back before the next event and you can all spend a little time together x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  6. I like it when T climbs into bed with us too 🙂 Haven’t seen Sound of Music in ages and T hasn’t even seen it. Yes, sad news about the death of the actress who played Liezl. #wotw.

  7. I hope you are feeling better soon and your hubby isn’t away for too much longer. Well done to Jessica on being ‘star of the week’ , I agree about the sunrises they have been beautiful purples and pinks it’s one of the reasons I love being an early riser. #WotW

  8. Oh that’s an adorable photo of Sophie on the hobby horse, I love the cheeky grin! I hope the time goes quickly with your hubby away, I know what it’s like and it’s really tough.

  9. Aw doing the solo gig is hard! Hopefully he comes home soon, sounds like you’ve had a positive week despite his absence x

  10. Hi Louise, it must be hard ‘flying solo’ and I think you do the right thing when you tell your girls there Dad may be away longer than you think. It will be a lovely surprise if he comes home early. Both photos of your girls are cute, but that one of Sophie on the hobby horse is priceless!


  11. Awww it must be so hard when you don’t know exactly when he will be home, and for the girls too. I always find it so diffcult on those days when my husband has uni until gone 9pm and Boo has to go to bed before he gets home as she keeps saying ‘I can’t go to be without a hug and a kiss from daddy’. I hope your husband i home sooner rather than later!
    It looks like you have had a fab week and I love that photo of Sophie with the hobby horse!

  12. Yes being on your own can have the advantage of sprawling out in the bed and watching what you want on tv. My SIL is only home a Tuesday evening to a Thursday morning and this has become the norm for the kids.
    Well done on star of the week and I love baking with our lot. #WotW

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