The Friday Focus – 23/01/15

This week has seen me trying to get a couple of earlier nights in the hope of catching up on some much-needed sleep although my attempts have not been very successful. Jessica had a few restless nights at the beginning of the week and ended up coming into our bed to sleep. Whilst it was lovely to have snuggles, it didn’t make for the best night’s sleep for us (although Jessica seemed quite happy with the arrangement!). Once we got Jessica sleeping better again, it was Sophie’s turn to be wakeful. So despite my best intentions to have an early night, I only had one night where I actually got to sleep before midnight! Thankfully hubby let me have a lovely long lie-in last Saturday which was utterly blissful – fingers crossed for a bit more sleep over the next few nights though!

The Friday Focus 23/01/15 - Little Hearts, Big Love

Out and About:
We had a lovely afternoon out as a family last weekend and took a walk around Ruislip Lido whilst Jessica and Sophie got to enjoy being out on the bike and trike.

The Friday Focus 23/01/15 - Little Hearts, Big Love

Jessica also had her preschool booster jabs at the beginning of the week and didn’t make any fuss at all about them – I was so proud of her. She did make me chuckle when she demanded a sticker as soon as the nurse had finished though – she’s so used to getting stickers for being good at her many check-ups that it’s definitely the expected thing now! She had her community nurse check-up this week too and all was well with that.


Fun at home:
We’ve had a lovely afternoon with Jessica and Sophie playing dressing-up – Jessica enjoyed wearing her various princess dresses and her jewellery and Sophie was dressed in her little fairy tutu. Both girls enjoyed dressing Mummy up with the contents of the (clean) laundry basket too!

The Friday Focus 23/01/15 - Little Hearts, Big LoveWe’ve also enjoyed some messy play after covering the table with some lining paper and letting both the girls paint. It was the first time that Sophie has done painting and it took a few minutes for her to grasp the concept that the paint wasn’t a new foodstuff for her to sample but once she realised she could smear it on the paper with her hands, she was in her element!

The Friday Focus 23/01/15 - Little Hearts, Big Love

Time for me:
Actually despite feeling tired, it has been a good week on the whole with regards to ‘me’ time. Hubby and I got to go to the cinema for the first time in a very long time and saw ‘Into the Woods’ which we both loved. We got to watch two films together this week which is nothing short of a miracle as we also had an evening snuggling up on the sofa and watched Esio Trot.


On the blog:
I was really pleased that I’ve moved up a little more in the Tots100 charts this month and am now ranked at 313.


My happiest moment:
Sitting on the floor with the girls covering me in items of clothing and all three of us laughing.


Next week I would like to:
Get a bit more sleep and to be a little less cranky than I have been this week.

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32 thoughts on “The Friday Focus – 23/01/15

  1. It’s funny how the children love getting into our bed for sleep isn’t it! It never means a good night for us though. I hope you get more sleep xx

  2. Sounds like a lovely week (aside from the sleep issues!). Huge well done on the Tots ranking, and lovely to see a bin bag on the chair there and lining paper, which hopefully made painting easier?! Sounds fun dressing up, too 🙂 Thanks for sharing with #WotW

    1. Thank you – yes took your advice there and it was so much easier. Lovely to link up again 🙂

  3. What a strange thing, my comment disappeared! Anyway, like I said in my first one… We have the same #wotw! Like you, I’ve been having difficulty getting that much needed sleep. Hope we both get it soon! Yawn …

  4. I feel for you with lack of sleep. We co-slept for so many years with Ethan, not through choice. Well his choice lol. I love the girls dressing up, I can’t wait until I can buy some princess dresses! Hope you catch up on some sleep this weekend x

  5. It’s always the same….When you need the sleep the most the kids decide sleep isn’t needed. The same often happens here.
    hahaha! My girls expect stickers too…..Glad the jabs went well.
    That photo of your girls dressed up is just adorable x

  6. Wow 313 that is amazing! I love your blog so I can see why you are climbing month on month!
    I have seen the trailer for Into the Woods- looks weird but I want to see it!
    I LOVE the lining paper idea- where did you buy it from, may have to copy that idea!

    Have a good week! xx

    1. Thank you! Would definitely recommend Into the Woods – we loved it. The lining paper was left over from when we decorated, I think we probably bought it from B&Q. Hope you have a lovely week too 🙂

  7. I feel your pain with the sleep issues! How is it that such small people can take up so much of a bed? I hope things improve for you soon and that you get some much needed rest.

    I love your happiest moment and the photo of Jessica and Sophie in their dressing up clothes is adorable!


    1. Thank you – fingers crossed it improves soon too – had one reasonable night over the weekend though so that was good! 🙂

  8. Oh sleep…how I miss thee! It is lovely that they want a cuddle but no so when you’re knackered and just want to SLEEP! Sounds like you’ve had a fun week and I wish you all the best in catching up on your forty winks!
    #WOTW xx

  9. Despite the lack of sleep your girls look like they have had a super fun week 🙂

    Big well done for you going up in the Tots100 rankings!!

  10. Ohh, I’m never very good with little sleep either!

    Your happiest moment sounds lovely – dressing up is always so much fun.

    Well done on your Tots score too. 🙂

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

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