Friday Focus 23/06/2023 – Away

Last weekend, I had my first ever night away from the children as I headed up to Scotland on Friday to stay with friends in Edinburgh and then travelled on to Glasgow the next morning for another friend’s hen party. It was lovely to have some time away and to catch up with my friends. I wasn’t able to be there for the whole hen party celebrations, and was only able to stay a couple of hours for afternoon tea, as I had to get the train back to London later that afternoon as my husband was flying out to Singapore on Saturday night. He’s now away until early next week.


The word 'away' in dark pink


It’s been a challenge this week juggling evening meetings and rehearsals with my husband away. Sophie had her first rehearsal for The Wizard of Oz and enjoyed it. I found my rehearsal a bit more of a struggle though – this show is going to be a difficult one mentally for me as I have struggled with hearing the song ‘Over The Rainbow’ ever since Jessica died, let alone having to sing it in the finale. Jessica’s class sang it for her in her memorial assembly and every time I hear it, I’m back there in the school hall listening to them once more. I think it was also made harder as earlier that day, I came across some of Jessica’s school books and photos that we were given at her memorial assembly. Sophie knew I was finding it difficult though and gave me a little pep talk on the way home. She reminded me of how she often got tearful during the finale of The Sound of Music and how I did a sticker chart for her, and that I could get through it just like she did. I joked that perhaps I should also have a sticker chart and an LOL doll as a reward if I managed to get through show week without crying!



What I’ve been grateful for this week:


Me playing 'Wingspan' with my friends; me and my friend at her hen do; Sophie in her musical theatre costume at the dance festival; Sophie and Thomas eating raspberries and wild strawberries in the garden; Sophie and Thomas snuggling; Thomas with his magnetic numbers; a photo frame with photos of Jessica, Sophie and Thomas - "#365daysofgratitude 2023 - Week 25"



  • Day 167 – I am grateful for a lovely evening visiting friends and being introduced to a new board game.


  • Day 168 – I am grateful for a lovely afternoon enjoying afternoon tea at my lovely friend Gillian’s hen party and for a smooth journey home again after my first ever night away from the children!


  • Day 169 – I am grateful for Grandma’s help looking after the children and allowing me to juggle all the various activities that we do especially on busy weekends like this one has been!


  • Day 170 – I am grateful for home-grown raspberries and wild strawberries.


  • Day 171 – I am grateful for snuggle time in the mornings.


  • Day 172 – I am grateful for numbers helping to keep Thomas entertained during this evening’s rehearsal.


  • Day 173 – I am grateful for my beautiful children.



Other things that have made me smile this week:

  • A very appropriate phrase coming in my Welsh lesson on Duolingo while I was on the train heading up to Scotland.


The sentence "Dw i'n mynd i'r Alban am y penwythnos." ("I am going to Scotland for the weekend" in Welsh)


  • A ‘Popsy in the wild’ moment when I arrived at my friend’s hen party and one of her other friends was wearing the same rainbow dress as me! We’ve swapped details of which Popsy dresses we’re planning to wear at the wedding so we don’t end up twinning again!


  • Sophie creating an obstacle course in the garden for a home learning task and helping Thomas complete it.


Sophie watching Thomas doing a sack race in the garden


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14 thoughts on “Friday Focus 23/06/2023 – Away

  1. How exciting to have a night away, it must have been really strange being away from the kids though. It sounds like you had a lovely time though.
    It does sound like a challenging week, especially with hearing and having to sing Over the Rainbow. Sending love and hugs. x

  2. Love this. It’s important to be grateful for all the things in our lives. What is a hen party?

  3. I’m glad you enjoyed your Hen party. I’m sorry that the musical is making you feel sad though, how lovely of Sophie to remember the sticker chart and LOL doll…you should definitely treat yourself for getting through it.

    1. Thanks Anne. Sophie was such a sweetheart with her pep talk. I quite like the idea of a sticker chart and a reward for getting through the show!

  4. How funny you ended up twinning at the hen do. Glad you got away. We’re debating Glasgow and a road trip in Scotland in the summer holidays if I can get round to it. Hope the rehearsals continue going ok, and you can get through the songs.

    1. Thanks Emma. A road trip in Scotland sounds like fun. Hope you get to go away over the summer.

  5. I’ve had a couple of nights away but always been crippled with guilt 🙁 My kids have been snacking on the rapsberries and strawberries in the garden, none make it inside the house! #project365

  6. Glad to hear you had a nice time in Scotland but such a shame you had to get home early for your husband. I hope hearing Somewhere over the rainbow gets easier for you as you practice the musical

  7. How amazing of Sophie to support you the way she did with connections to Jessica, maybe you should have a reward chart yourself. Glad you enjoyed the trip up to Scotland, hope the week passed quickly with hubby away.

    1. Thank you – she is such a caring and considerate child. I quite like the idea of a reward chart!

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