Friday Focus 30/06/2023 – Excited

We’ve had quite a fun week over the last week with lots of things to get excited about. I promised Sophie that we would camp out in the garden one night this month and so last weekend saw us setting up the tent in the garden, much to her and Thomas’s excitement. It was fun to sleep out in the tent in the garden although needless to say, I didn’t get quite as much sleep as I would have liked!


The word 'excited' in orange


We also had the excitement of a trip to the optician after Thomas’s vision check at school suggested that he might be a little long-sighted. Sophie got to have her eyes tested too and while both children are slightly long-slighted, it’s within normal parameters and they don’t need glasses.


On Monday, there was the excitement of going to the airport to pick up Daddy who was arriving home from Singapore. On the way there, Sophie’s wobbly tooth fell out so she was also then excited at the prospect of a visit from the tooth fairy.  She wrote a very long letter to the tooth fairy, telling her about things that she’s been doing, finishing by wishing her “good luck with the other children.” She also drew a picture and made a little bracelet for the tooth fairy. Thankfully the tooth fairy did leave a nice reply along with a coin, much to Sophie’s delight.


A drawing of Sophie asleep with the tooth fairy visiting her and leaving a coin.


At the start of this month, Sophie auditioned to be in The Little Mermaid, the summer youth project at the Beck Theatre. We were very excited when the cast list came out this week. She’s been cast as the understudy for Flounder and will get to play Flounder at the Friday matinee performance on 25 August, as well as being in the chorus in the other four shows. There were a lot of other children auditioning for the role so that’s a big achievement for her and I’m so proud.


I’ve been excited about planning our summer trip to visit family in Luxembourg. Hubby has a work event in Amsterdam so we’ll be flying out with him and spending some time in Amsterdam before travelling by train to Luxembourg via Cologne and then home on the Eurostar via Paris. It’ll be quite an adventure travelling by myself with Sophie and Thomas. Sophie is really looking forward to seeing her cousins again and getting to visit four different countries doing so.


Finally, I’m excited about getting to see some of my own cousins this evening as they’ve come over from Australia to see family over here. It’s been a very long time since I last saw them.



What I’ve been grateful for this week:


Sophie playing splat the teacher, hitting the teacher in the face with a wet sponge; Sophie and Thomas standing in front of a tent in the garden; me, Sophie and Thomas in the tent; Sophie and Thomas greeting Daddy at the airport; a script and flyer for The Little Mermaid; a squirrel sitting on a plant pot eating a raspberry; Thomas rolling on the sofa - "#365daysofgratitude 2023 - Week 36"


  • Day 174 – I am grateful that Sophie and Thomas had a fun time at the school fayre.


  • Day 175 – I am grateful for Sophie’s help with putting up the tent.


  • Day 176 – I am grateful that Sophie and Thomas enjoyed camping in the garden but also grateful to be sleeping in my own bed again tonight!


  • Day 177 – I am grateful that my husband is home again!


  • Day 178 – I am grateful for Sophie’s excitement at being able to tell her friends that she’ll be playing Flounder on the Friday matinee (and chorus in the other shows). Picked up the script today ready for her to start learning her lines before the first rehearsal in August.


  • Day 179 – I am grateful for the giggles from Sophie and Thomas watching this cheeky squirrel picking and eating raspberries in our garden.


  • Day 180 – I am grateful that Thomas has perked up again this evening after being off school unwell today. Hopefully back to school tomorrow!



Other things that have made me smile this week:

  • Sophie’s delight at winning two boxes of sweets in the raffle at the school fayre.


  • Having more space again in the dining room after a busy day spent decluttering.


  • A notice I spotted on the windowsill at church.


A notice saying "Spider Plant on Holiday. Back soon."


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22 thoughts on “Friday Focus 30/06/2023 – Excited

  1. What a fun week! Camping out in the garden is just brilliant, it sounds like the kids loved it.
    How exciting for Sophie to loose her tooth, that is a brilliant drawing and well done to her with the Little Mermaid show. It is such a great achievement.
    The summer trip sounds fantastic and have fun with your cousins.

    1. Thanks Kim. The kids loved camping out in the garden and are very excited for our summer trip. It was so lovely to catch up with my cousins as well.

  2. Ah we used to love camping out in the garden all summer – although we were older and out alone. Well done Sophie on her role in the summer performance.
    The trip to Europe sounds exciting. I wish I knew family abroad to visit.

    1. Camping out in the garden all summer sounds like a lot of fun – I think I’ll leave that idea for when the children are old enough to do it on their own!

  3. That sounds like a very exciting week indeed. I remember camping in the garden too, but I used to do it with my cousins and the adults would stick their beds. Well done to Sophie for getting her part in the Little Mermaid and I hope you have fun with your family from abroad. I will be waiting to hear all about your travels.

    1. No, we’re not planning a longer camping trip – out in the garden is enough for me, but the kids enjoyed it.

  4. I saw you had been camping in the garden and I did wonder if we should get a tent. It sounds like you have some fun travels planned. Lots of places I want to visit on that list. I don’t think I could travel on my own with both children though so I wish you lots of luck with that part. Looking forward to reading about it #WotW

    1. It’s my first time in Europe since Sophie was a baby and I’m a bit nervous about travelling on my own with the children but I think it will be a lot of fun too.

  5. What a fun week! I can remember sleeping out in the yard with the kids– I don’t think anyone got any sleep that night. Even our cat kept coming up to the tent and meowing at us.

  6. Well done to Sophie with her Flounder role and what a lovely picture for the tooth fairy. Hope the trip with the kids went well and you all enjoyed yourselves.

    1. Thank you – the trip with the kids is later this month but hopefully all will go well.

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