Friday Focus 21/09/18 – Smiles to ease my sadness

Little Thomas has been full of smiles this week which has given me lots of little joyful moments in what has been a rather emotional week. No particular big reason for it – just a week of lots of little unexpected triggers of grief and longing for my biggest girl. I suspect it may be the change in seasons – another reminder of the passing of time which keeps taking me further and further away from life with Jessica.


Smiles - this week's word of the week


Thomas has been doing his best to make me happy though. I love the way that he looks up at me with his beautiful big blue eyes and gives me the most beautiful gummy baby smile. One of his biggest smiles came when I was telling him all about his biggest sister; how she was so looking forward to his arrival and how much she would have adored him. She was a very smiley baby too. With Thomas looking so much like her, I have moments when I feel I’ve stepped back seven years in time.


A smiley Thomas looking up at me


Hubby has been away working on an event this week so it’s been another week of flying solo. I’ve got much more into a routine now though which has helped with managing things on my own. The house is still quite chaotic most of the time and the laundry pile frequently overflowing but the basics get done and that’s good enough for now!


Other things that have made me smile this week

  • Chatting over coffee and cake at the Girls’ Brigade coffee morning at church.


Sophie showing her Skye toy to a guide dog at church


  • An afternoon at Chiltern Open Air Museum for their WW1 event.


Sophie standing next to a WW1 plane


  • A lovely long walk around Ruislip Lido whilst catching up with a friend.


  • Sophie giving Thomas lots of cuddles.


Sophie giving Thomas a cuddle


  • Watching Thomas becoming more aware of the toys and lights on his playmat.


  • Making Sophie’s CBeebies birthday card – fingers crossed it makes it on to the TV.


Sophie's birthday card for CBeebies


  • Feeling snuggled up to Thomas while he naps in the sling.


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20 thoughts on “Friday Focus 21/09/18 – Smiles to ease my sadness

  1. Oh my goodness. What a wonderful smile. And you are so right. The laundry pile can wait. It’s not going anywhere. Hope the birthday card makes it on to Cbeebies. Have a good week. #wotw

  2. Oh my goodness how much does Thomas look like Sophie in that first photo! I’m so happy to see smiles is your chosen word 🙂 #WotW

  3. That photo of Thomas smiling, oh my what a sweetie he’s a little smiler. You are doing a great job flying solo, the housework can wait there are little ones to play with and cuddle. Sophie looks like the proud big sister, I bet she’s fabulous with Thomas. Hope you have a nice weekend x

  4. Aww he is just so adorable. Wonderful to hear that Thomas gave you such gorgeous smiles when he heard all about Jessica. I’m so impressed with Sophie’s card, I’m sure they’ll show it on TV 🙂

  5. ooooh Thomas is so munchable, I love that cheeky smile, who wouldn’t be cheered by seeing that. He truly is adorable and I love the photo of him with Sophie. I really hope Sophie’s card is read out on CBeebies, that would be so nice for her. x

  6. Thomas is adorable! I love those early smiles, so special. Sounds like you’re juggling things brilliantly, overflowing laundry piles aren’t going anywhere, they can wait! I hope Sophie’s card gets shown, that’d be lovely x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  7. Sending big hugs as always.
    Thomas is such a cutie. He seems to have suddenly grown, especially in that photo with Sophie.
    Good luck with the Birthday card! I hope you manage to get it on TV. #WotW

  8. Louise Thomas is so cute, and yes his big sister would have adored him. I love Sophie card I so hope it gets featured it would make her birthday for her x

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