The Friday Focus – 20/05/16

It’s been another week of flying solo for me – hubby’s away working on an event this week and next week so just me and the girls for a couple of weeks.  This week has been a little more challenging as Sophie was poorly earlier in the week.  I’m not entirely sure what was wrong but she was just very subdued and spent most of the time dozing on the sofa.  Thankfully she is back to her usual happy self now though.

It's been another week of flying solo for me - this week's word of the week is "solo"


Things I have loved this week:

  • Having a night of managing to sleep in my own bed without being joined by either of the girls – I cannot remember the last time that happened and it hasn’t been repeated since!
  • Having my close friend come and visit and seeing how much the girls enjoyed spending time with godmummy Katy.

My gorgeous girlies enjoying the Enchanted Museum event with godmummy Katy

  • Attending the Enchanted Museum event at Chiltern Open Air Museum which was utterly magical – we even got to see a unicorn!

Seeing a unicorn at the Enchanted Museum event at Chiltern Open Air Museum

  • Snuggling with my girls on the sofa and watching Toy Story when Sophie was poorly.
  • The way Sophie likes to give me kisses through the bars of her cot when going to sleep.
  • Watching Jessica have fun helping Daddy mow Grandma and Grandad’s lawn on the big ride-on mower.

Jessica helping Daddy mow the lawn on Grandad's big ride-on lawnmower

  • Sophie hugging me repeatedly and telling me she wants “all the cuddles!”
  • Having lots of space in the bed even with two little people joining me (sorry hubby, I do miss you really!)

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25 thoughts on “The Friday Focus – 20/05/16

    1. They loved it Helena although I think I was possibly more excited by it than they were! 🙂

  1. Love that photo of the Unicorn! I bet that was a magical moment for the children!
    I’m glad Sophie is feeling better, it’s not much fun being poorly in the summer months.
    It sounds like you’re doing a fab job of flying solo, and the girls are enjoying being with Mummy too. Hope next week goes just as well xx

    1. Thanks Tracey – the unicorn was amazing although I think the girls are a little young to really appreciate just how magical it was! Flying solo is (mostly) going well – thankfully I’m fairly used to it these days which helps! x

    1. Definitely making the most of having a little more space and those night-time snuggles with the girls are lovely 🙂

  2. I find weeks where my husband’s away really tough – sorry to hear Sophie was ill on top of that, but pleased to hear she’s all back to normal now. After our night last night I can appreciate how nice it must be to have more room in the bed though! I have to admit, I’m not a fan of sharing the bed – everyone sleeps except me! And one night all to yourself – bliss!!!

    1. This week’s certainly been a challenging one – looking forward to him being back again even if it will mean less space in the bed!

  3. Hi Louise, my husband would be so jealous of that lawn mower! His tiny bit of lawn is his pride and joy! I’m glad to hear that Sophie is well again, but one of the plus sides to having a poorly child is having an excuse to snuggle on the sofa and watch a film (of was that just me?).

    Your girls look as cute as ever in their outfits and I hope next week is an easier one for you.


    1. Thank you Debbie – Sophie is back to her normal happy self now but those snuggles on the sofa were lovely even though it wasn’t nice to see her poorly.

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