A spring afternoon at Osterley Park

Since getting National Trust membership at the beginning of the year, we’ve been looking at different places to visit.  Osterley Park has been on my list for a while and so when I saw that our church was organising a day out there recently, I knew I had to sign up for it.  My mother-in-law also came along with us for the day and the girls were very excited about having a day out with Grandma.

Enjoying the sunshine and spending an afternoon exploring Osterley Park

The walk from the car park along the Garden Lake is beautiful and the girls enjoyed spotting ducks and swans as we made our way towards the house.  Normally on a day out, we tend to focus on exploring the outdoors but as the rest of the church party were keen to explore the house itself, we joined them.

A walk along the Garden Lake at Osterley Park

It can be a little nerve-racking explore inside a stately home with the girls as they do like to investigate things as closely as possible – and of course, there are always things that really shouldn’t be touched! The long gallery was quite enticing for them in this respect – lots of interesting things that definitely needed to be firmly out of bounds for little fingers!  Had Grandma not been with me to help with the girls, I’m not sure I would have dared let go of them long enough to take any photos!

Visiting the house on a day out at Osterley Park


We had a bit more luck further on in the house though once we reached the servant’s area which was much better for the children to be able to look more closely at things.  The “wigs and bums” room was very appealing – and the girls couldn’t resist the chance to dress up “as princesses” although I think the dresses were perhaps a little on the large side for them!

Exploring the servants' quarters and dressing up as "princesses" in the wigs and bums room at Osterley Park

Once outside the house, we stopped at the Stables for some lunch before exploring the grounds a little more.  Jessica quite enjoyed the garden house and Mrs Child’s flower garden and looking at all the pretty flowers she found there.  I suspect she was also looking for fairies as well as they feature quite strongly in her imagination at the moment.  Sophie was quite happy with her little bucket, collecting up stones and sticks and various “treasures” along the way and just generally enjoying being out with Mummy, Jessica and Grandma on a nice walk.

Exploring the grounds at Osterley Park, stopping for a rest at the Temple of Pan and finding puddles to jump in

I was quite keen to find some bluebells and take some photos of the girls in amongst them and there were plenty of these about – although mostly fenced off.  We did manage to find a patch of them near the Temple of Pan where the girls could look at the bluebells more closely (and sit down for a rest in amongst them).  Finding a nice puddle to stomp in nearby was an added bonus!

The girls in amongst the bluebells at Osterley Park

Having managed to capture some bluebell shots, it was time to start heading back towards the house.  I would have liked to explore the grounds a lot more than we did, but the rest of the party were quite keen to head off by that stage, and to be fair, Jessica was certainly starting to get tired after all the walking she had done.  It means that a return visit is definitely on the cards though!

The girls enjoying a day out with Grandma at Osterley Park

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20 thoughts on “A spring afternoon at Osterley Park

  1. Aaahhhh so lovely to see you enjoying one of our favourite places to visit. It really is a lovely place and each time we go back is a different adventure. Your girl always look so happy x

    1. I think it’s been your posts that have made me want to visit it Karen! We had such a wonderful time – looking forward to going back again 🙂

  2. I just love that first photo with the view across the lake. This is what I think of when someone says Osterley Park. I wish we had managed a visit while we still had membership. I’ll have to make do with your photos instead. It looks so beautiful inside and out. I’m glad your found your bluebells, they did make a lovely backdrop to your photos. Definitely a bonus having Grandma with you. Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

    1. Thank you Fiona – that view is beautiful. I was so glad we found the bluebells too – was determined to get some shots while we could! Thanks for hosting #CountryKids – always a pleasure to link up 🙂

  3. What a lovely house and grounds. I understand your nerves about going in the house with the girls though, Youngest would have tried to climb some ancient heirloom! Love that you think Jessica was looking for fairies in Mrs Child’s gardens, little imaginations are great! #countrykids

    1. Thanks Emma – it was a beautiful house but yes, very nerve-wracking when little ones just want to explore everything! Outdoors is much better and I love seeing the girls using their imaginations 🙂

  4. We live not far from Osterley Park and it’s such a gorgeous place to explore – the gardens are our favourite, although we have done a quick tour around the house (my daughter varies between being fascinated by National Trust properties and wanting to touch all kinds of priceless things). If you head to the edge of the gardens, there’s a lovely natural playground as well although there’s so much to do here, it’s hard to fit it all into one day. #Countrykids

    1. Thank you – I’ll have to try and find the natural playground next time we visit 🙂

  5. Awww I love the photos of you and girls. They looks so cute dressing up too. That place looks beautiful. We love our discovering National Trust gems too. xx

  6. Awww bless them. Having a crazy toddler on my hands who is a mini whirlwind I understand why you tend to explore the outdoors more. Great that you had an extra pair of hands to help you around the place. #CountryKids.

    1. Thanks Helena – having that extra pair of hands definitely made exploring inside the house much easier! 🙂

  7. It looks like a lovely place. That blossom and bluebells photo is gorgeous. I love our National Trust membership too – so many different places to explore

    1. It is lovely having all those different places to explore – makes me wonder why I didn’t get membership sooner!

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