Friday Focus 18/11/2022 – Plodding

We’re just plodding along this week. One of those weeks of being a bit tired and going through the motions, getting things done that need doing and getting through the week as best we can.


The word 'plodding' in red with the 'dd' drawn as two red welly boots with yellow spots


Thomas is feeling better this week and was back at school again but Sophie has been unwell with an ear infection over the last couple of days. She’s been mostly ok and able to get through the school day (apart from one day when I had a call to pick her up early) but has felt pretty rubbish in the evenings. Hopefully it will be short-lived and she’ll be back to her usual happy self again soon.


I’ve had a few grief-bursts here and there along with moments of feeling a bit overwhelmed by things. It’s to be expected this time of year with the start of the festive season. There have been nice moments too. I’m enjoying getting out for rehearsals and having some moments of down-time here and there working on the scarf I’m making for Sophie. It’s been a good way of helping me wind down in the evenings.


What I’ve been grateful for this week:


Slow cooked gammon, chips and green veg on a plate; a rainbow coloured scarf on a knitting loom; Thomas wearing a mask at Grandma's costume sale; a smiley Thomas on the sofa; Thomas snuggled up to me on the sofa; Thomas sitting on Daddy's shoulder; Thomas looking at an article in Chat magazine titled "Twinkle Paws" - "#365daysofgratitude 2022 - Week 46"


  • Day 315 – I am grateful for new recipes for the slow cooker, especially when my husband then decides that this is his new favourite dinner.


  • Day 316 – I am grateful for time to sit and craft while watching Strictly.


  • Day 317 – I am grateful for being able to add a few more useful costume items to my collection thanks to my mother-in-law’s costume sale.


  • Day 318 – I am grateful that Thomas is feeling better and was able to go back to school today.


  • Day 319 – I am grateful for snuggles before bedtime.


  • Day 320 – I am grateful for evenings when Daddy is home before bedtime.


  • Day 321 – I am grateful that Thomas was back at ballet again this evening after missing the last two weeks due to being unwell. He spotted his dance teacher and her lovely assistance dog Bear in the copy of Chat magazine on the stage when Mummy was helping put his ballet shoes on.



Other things that have made me smile this week:

  • Sophie getting a Brainiac award at school for working hard to improve on her English targets.


  • Having a games afternoon at church.


Sophie playing Buckaroo with a friend


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14 thoughts on “Friday Focus 18/11/2022 – Plodding

  1. I’m glad Thomas is feeling better and I hope Sophie is feeling better soon too, ear infections are the worst. Some weeks we do feel like we are plodding along, but it sounds like you have lots of nice moments too x

    1. Thanks Anne. There have been nice moments. Ear infections are horrible, thankfully Sophie is now back to her usual happy self.

  2. Hoping the week ahead will see all the family members back to full health and strength. Continue to look out for the little things to be grateful for.

  3. Hope Sophie’s ear infection is gone soon, they’re horrible. We done her on her Brainiac award. Is your scarf going to be a tube one? I can’t work out how it’s done.

    1. Thank you, Sophie is feeling much better now. The scarf is a straight one – I’m just using half of a circular loom and going back and forth.

  4. Glad to hear Thomas is feeling better, but sorry to hear Sophie is now unwell. Sometimes just plodding along is ok, we need a break and some down time.

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