Friday Focus 11/11/2022 – Unwell

We’ve been at home at lot this week as Thomas has been unwell and off school with a cold and a temperature. He’s had moments of perking up during the day and seemed well enough Wednesday morning to go back to school but was then sent home at lunchtime. I’m hoping that the weekend will give him time to recover and be able to be back at school on Monday.


The word 'unwell' in green


What I’ve been grateful for this week:


Me wearing an Edwardian wig with feathers and a black dress; headphones and a keyboard next to an 'Imagine Church Envisioning Day' booklet; Thomas asleep in his bed; curried mince with rice and tomato and coriander salad; pink and white roses at Jessica's forever bed; Thomas asleep in my arms; Thomas watching Numberblocks Francais on his tablet - "#365daysofgratitude 2022 - Week 45"


  • Day 308 – I am grateful for having another opportunity to perform in the music hall show. Also very grateful for extra-thick black tights when I realised I’d forgotten to bring black trousers to go with the top hat and tails!


  • Day 309 – I am grateful for an interesting and inspiring day exploring discipleship and mission. Lots of food for thought to carry forward.


  • Day 310 – I am grateful for a reasonable night’s sleep last night and a slightly later wake-up this morning than usual. Have struggled to get a good night’s sleep recently and it’s amazing how much difference one reasonable night can make.


  • Day 311 – I am grateful for easy yummy dinner ideas especially when they’re quick to make as well!


  • Day 312 – I am grateful for some quiet time with Jessica.


  • Day 313 – I am grateful for Calpol and cuddles.


  • Day 314 – I am grateful that Thomas has discovered Numberblocks in other languages on YouTube Kids.



Other things that have made me smile this week:

  • Sophie’s delight at the trampoline at the park being full of water which made it very splashy when bouncing on it. She got absolutely soaked jumping on it – thank goodness it was only a short journey home to dry off and change!


Sophie and Thomas bouncing on the trampoline in the park with water splashing up around their feet


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16 thoughts on “Friday Focus 11/11/2022 – Unwell

  1. Aww! Poor Thomas. I hope he starts to feel better over the weekend.
    It sounds like the show went really well. Hooray for the thick black tights. Bouncing on the wet trampoline looks like a lot of fun. x

  2. Poor Thomas, I hope he’s feeling better now x I love that water trampoline, that looks fun (if a little cold and wet!) So glad you had the chance to perform again, you have such a beautiful voice.

    1. Thank you Anne. Thomas is feeling much better now. It was lovely to perform the music hall again.

  3. Louise,
    It seems often to happen that when children start school, they soon pick up all sorts of bugs. :o( Hopefully Thomas will be back to his usual self by Monday.
    Discipleship and mission — those are vast subjects. One thing I’ve read about discipleship is that Jesus never says “Admire me!”, he says “Follow me!”

    1. Thank you, he’s much better now. Discipleship and mission are certainly big subjects. So true that Jesus says “Follow me!” and never “Admire me!”

    1. Thanks Jane, he is better now. I would have steered the kids away from the trampoline had it not been for the fact that home wasn’t too far away and the clothes were going to go straight in the wash anyway!

  4. Hope Thomas is feeling a lot better now. Love the trampoline photo – so much fun. N used to do similar if it was wet.

  5. Love the photo of you dressed up for the music hall. Thomas and Sophie both look like they had a fab time on the trampoline with it being full of water

    1. Thank you. They had a wonderful time – got thoroughly soaked but it was a lot of fun.

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