The Friday Focus 15/04/16 – Enjoying getting outdoors

The weather has been just gorgeous this week and we’ve been making the most of it by getting outdoors as much as possible.  Picnics in the garden at lunchtime, the first ice-creams this year from the ice-cream van, going for walks and exploring new places – it’s been good to just get out and about and make the most of the lovely weather.   There have also been a few days where we’ve been able to shed the coats which is always a lovely feeling!


"Outdoors" - this week's word of the week - Friday Focus 15-04-16 01

Things I have loved this week:

  • Watching the girls have fun at a friend’s birthday party.
  • Making a huge track with our Toot Toot collection which took over the entire living room.


Taking over the living room with a giant Toot Toot track - The Friday Focus 15/04/16

  • Playing the piano for music time at our toddler group.
  • An afternoon exploring Ankerwyke and seeing the ruins of an old priority and the 2000-year old yew said to be the spot where Henry VIII proposed to Anne Boleyn.


Stopping for a rest in front of the Ankerwyke yew - The Friday Focus 15/04/16

  • Blowing dandelion clocks.


Blowing dandelion clocks - The Friday Focus 15/04/16

  • Being sent new summer dresses for my girls.
  • Having fun experimenting with my new close-up lens on my camera.


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8 thoughts on “The Friday Focus 15/04/16 – Enjoying getting outdoors

  1. What a lovely week you have had, it’s so good to get outside more. I’ve been out a couple of times this week and even though I’ve been wary of going out since I came out of hospital I really enjoyed it. The warmer weather makes such a difference.

  2. Hi Louise, it is nice to be able to get out and about with lighter clothing. I bet that Yew tree was quite spectacular to see up close. Little children blowing dandelion clocks is so cute, just remembering the raspberrying that goes on brings a smile to my face.

    Love the colourful train set, that must keep the girls happy and that close up is beautiful.


  3. Wow, your weather must be in totally different eco-zone to ours. It’s been very wet, even hailstones thunder and lightening here and no chance of sitting down on the grass for a picnic! So glad that you’re out and about – I can’t wait until our weather clears a bit more.

  4. That flower photo is amazing; it’s fun having a play with a new camera. I’m hoping the weather sorts itself out as where I am now it is snowing. It’s so lovely being able to go out without coats and lots of layers. The girls look like they have had a brill week, with lots of playing xx #wotw

  5. That train track looks great fun and your girls are proving that toys like that aren’t just for boys. We’ve had a bit of snow, thunder, rain and sun this week.

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