Friday Focus 15/05/20 – Little celebrations

It’s been nice to have reasons to celebrate this week. We’ve made use of our ‘party tent’ in the garden and enjoyed a couple of little garden parties which has been fun, and helped break up a little of the monotony of life in lockdown.


The word 'celebrate' in blue with red, yellow and blue balloons at the end


Last Friday was the 75th anniversary of VE Day. I enjoyed dressing up in a 1940s-style dress, doing my hair and baking scones for our afternoon tea out in the garden. We made blue, white and red bunting out of plastic tablecloths and hung it around the tent. Hubby brought a speaker outside so we could play some 1940s music and we even had a little dance around the garden.


Me dancing with Thomas in the garden


The next day was my birthday so the bunting stayed up and we got to have another tea party out in the garden. It was strange not being able to see my twin sister as we would normally do around our birthday but we did manage to have a video chat on FaceTime instead.  It was a quieter birthday than normal but it was nice to sit out in the garden and enjoy family time together. Jessica was very much missed though and while overall I had a nice day, there were also a lot of tears shed too.


I’ve been feeling quite anxious over lockdown starting to be more relaxed, but one good thing about the rules being more relaxed is that I can now visit Jessica’s forever bed once more. I’ve found it so hard not to be able to visit her for the last eight weeks. It was so nice to be able to go there yesterday and bring her some of the roses that are now blooming in our garden. Last time we were there, Sophie and I found frogspawn under one of the bridges. She was hoping that she might see tadpoles this time, but they’ve been and gone now. Maybe next year.


White and pink flowers at Jessica's forever bed


Things that have made me smile this week

  • Thomas’s new trick of pretending to be Iggle Piggle from ‘In the Night Garden’ – he stands up, nods his head a couple of times and then falls over backwards. Thankfully he only does it on soft surfaces (so far at least!)


  • Sophie and Thomas having fun giggling away and splashing each other in the paddling pool.


  • Seeing so many members of the Girls’ and Boys’ Brigade taking part in our virtual church parade service.


  • Making a flying saucer out of paper plates with Sophie.


Sophie glueing yellow buttons on to her paper plate flyer saucer


  • Getting out for a lovely long walk all by myself (I was a bit frazzled that day and it was just what was needed!)


  • Teaching Sophie how to play “kerbsies” in the garden using bits of trellis as pretend pavements.


Sophie throwing a ball towards the edge of a trellis laid on the ground


  • Having a bit of a Disney princess moment while singing out in the garden when seven birds congregated on the bird feeder 6ft away from me and started singing too. Sadly they didn’t then start helping clean my house. Maybe I need to try a different song for that…!


  • Joining in with the WOS open mic evening on Zoom. Sophie sang ‘Into the Unknown’ and I sang ‘Hurry, It’s Lovely Up Here’


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16 thoughts on “Friday Focus 15/05/20 – Little celebrations

  1. What a great week to have the bunting out. You really did get into the swing of VE day. Happy birthday too. I can imagine it must be strange not seeing your sister. Thank goodness for technology. I’ve not heard of kerbsies, but they do look like they are having fun. Love the flying saucer craft. Please say you hung it up with leds to light it up. Love the image of you singing to the birds. Maybe next time they’ll help with the cleaning. Hope you have a lovely weekend. #wotw

    1. Oh I haven’t hung the flying saucer up yet but what a good idea – will have to put it up in Sophie’s room with some little lights.

  2. I love the creativity that is being brought out in us all! Your bunting looks brilliant and the garden parties sound lovely too. 🙂 I’m pleased to say that most of the people I have spoken to have said they will essentially be ignoring Boris’ car crash of an announcement and will continue to stay at home, with the exception of the odd trip to the park maybe. I think most people have their head screwed on which I find very reassuring! #wotw

    1. Yes I think most people will use common sense but I have noticed that fewer people are making an effort to socially distance in our local shop since the announcement. Fingers crossed that we don’t get a big spike in cases as a result of it.

  3. It sounds like you’ve been having a great time. We need something to cheer us up at the moment so any reason to celebrate is very welcome.
    Aww! I am so pleased you can visit Jessica’s forever bed again. It must have been so hard not to.
    Your Disney princess moment did make me chuckle x

    1. I’m glad I can visit Jessica’s forever bed again. I did find it so hard not being able to go there x

  4. Happy birthday! You look great in your 1940s dress and hair. How wonderful that you could use the same decorations for 2 tea parties in your garden. It’s important to celebrate, even now. We have to be able to find joy in our days. Good for you for doing just that!

  5. Lots of lovely reasons to celebrate. I so wanted to celebrate VE day and did hope that we’d be able to do something but my energy was zapped. I’m glad you had a nice birthday too, albeit without your twin x

  6. I’m so glad you found some good reasons to celebrate! I’m sorry you weren’t able to see your twin sister in real life this week, but am glad you chatted to her. The parade must’ve been such a great sight too, so many children still remembering our freedom.

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