Friday Focus 15/03/19 – A beautiful tribute to our big girl

Last Friday afternoon, we were invited to Jessica and Sophie’s school for the official opening of Jessica’s memorial. The school had clearly put a lot of thought and effort into it and it was a beautiful tribute to our big girl.  Some of Jessica’s classmates and their parents were also there, along with members of our family. We spent time sharing our memories of Jessica and enjoying some lovely butterfly-themed cakes which were made by one of the teachers. Jessica would have definitely approved of those cakes!


Tribute - this week's word of the week


There is now a picture of Jessica on the wall, at the start of the main corridor leading to the classrooms, with some beautiful words about her, her time at the school and her joyful personality. Next to the photo are some pretty mosaic butterflies which Jessica’s friends and Sophie helped to make. Jessica’s Year 1 teacher said a few words about Jessica and invited us all to write a memory on a ribbon which we then tied to a big pink butterfly which is on the wall next to the new outdoor arts space which has been dedicated to her.


It was lovely to watch her friends drawing and writing on the easels. There were lots of hearts and little messages for Jessica – “love you Jessica”, “miss you Jessica.” – and it has made me smile at pick-up time each day to see what the children have drawn there. Jessica’s name is still appearing along with more hearts and rainbows. It means a lot to know she is remembered with such love.


Jessica’s Reception teacher (who now teaches at a different school) gave the children some colour-changing LED candles to hold and said a prayer for Jessica, before we went back inside for some tea and cake. I am so thankful for how supportive school have been throughout Jessica’s time there and since her death. It is such a lovely school and Jessica certainly loved her time there.


Jessica's photo surrounded by mosaic butterflies; butterfly-themed cakes; a pink butterfly with ribbons tied to it; the dedication plaque "in loving memory of Jessica George - fly high"; the outdoor arts space



Things that have made me smile this week

  • Getting to try out the new Room on the Broom attraction at Chessington World of Adventures before it opened to the public.


Sophie hitting plastic fireflies with a bullfrog model in the background


  • Receiving a glowing report from Sophie’s teacher at parents’ evening. She is doing so well at school and is so happy there.


  • Sophie writing both her name and Jessica’s on a drawing she did for her teacher.


Sophie's drawing of herself with hers and Jessica's names


  • Sophie’s joy at having a playdate with her best friend from preschool.


  • Being able to fit back into my pre-pregnancy jeans.


  • Thomas getting his first tooth through. I will miss the gummy smile though!


A smiley Thomas with his new tooth just visible


  • Watching Sophie and her cousin play with the Playmobil. Jessica loved the Playmobil and it has been played with so rarely since she died. It was so lovely to see Sophie playing with it again.


  • A lovely surprise package in the post from a friend with some mosaic crafts for Sophie, a soft alphabet cube for Thomas and some yummy chocolates for me and hubby.


7 thoughts on “Friday Focus 15/03/19 – A beautiful tribute to our big girl

  1. Oh it’s so lovely that the school have created such a beautiful tribute to Jessica. Sweet of Jessica’s reception teacher to be there too even though she doesn’t teach at the school anymore.

  2. Oh My, that tribute to Jessica is so beautiful and thoughtful, it’s so lovely that they have created such a wonderful memorial for her. Well done to Sophie on her good parents evening and her drawing is just fabulous, how talented she is. I love the photo of Thomas too, he’s really growing now. Thanks for linking up to #wotw xx

  3. What a wonderful tribute to your daughter from her school AND from her sister. I am sure she is missed by all of her classmates. The drawing is just adorable!

  4. How lovely of the school to honour Jessica like that, it must mean so much to you to know how much Jessica is loved and missed by everyone. Well done to Sophie on her glowing parents evening, she always looks so happy and smiley. I can’t believe it’s time for Thomas to get teeth, he’s getting so big already x

  5. Aww! That is so wonderful for the school to have a memorial to Jessica. It seems strange to say that it sounds like you had a lovely time. It just goes to show that people want to remember the amazing girl that Jessica was. The outdoor arts space sounds perfect to remember her. It sounds like a fantastic school. So supportive.
    Well done Sophie. It sounds like parents evening went well.
    Go you, fitting into you pre-pregnancy jeans! x

  6. What an amazing school. I love all the thought they have put in to celebrating Jessica’s life. I’m sure it helps her classmates and all your family too. Not to mention the staff. Well done for fitting back into your jeans. I’m guessing you are rediscovering more of your pre-pregnancy wardrobe now too. My children have always loved Playmobil and Lego. Glad Sophie is making the most of it too. Oh and Thomas’s toothy grin. Adorable. #wotw

  7. It sounds like such a beautiful tribute its lovely to see how loved Jessica is and how they want to celebrate her life. I am so glad Sophie is starting to play with the play mobil again that is probably such a big step for her. Our boys also loved playing with play mobil, I was so sad when they grew out of it! Well done on getting back into your jeans too xx

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