Friday Focus 15/02/19 – Coughs and sneezes

We’ve all been unwell this week with what seems to be a nasty cold bug. Sophie was off school at the beginning of the week. There’s chicken pox doing the rounds at school at the moment so I’ve been on pox alert. By Wednesday she was feeling better and there were no signs of spots so it was back to school for her. Thomas had a high temperature and was grouchy on Tuesday and hubby got it about the same time – just in time to go away on a work trip and leave me flying solo. On Wednesday evening it was my turn to come down with it too so I’ve been trying to take it easy. Thankfully hubby is due back this evening and hopefully we’ll all be better in time for half-term.


Unwell - this week's word of the week

Things that have made me smile this week

  • One of the Girls’ Brigade mums telling me that her daughter looks out for Sophie at Girls’ Brigade because “Sophie no longer has Jessica to look out for her”. They are such a kind group of girls.


  • An impromptu family day out doing the Zog trail at Wendover Woods.


Sophie wearing a Zog mask and standing next to a "forest sounds" board on the Zog trail


  • Seeing all the beautiful snowdrops at West Wycombe Park on a snowdrop walk in aid of Child Bereavement UK. Sophie planted a snowdrop near the Temple of Venus in memory of Jessica.


Sophie planting a snowdrop in memory of Jessica at West Wycombe Park, with hubby and Thomas next to the Child Bereavement UK gazebo in the background


  • Sophie choosing Jessica’s starry pyjamas at bedtime because they were the ones Jessica wore in hospital. It’s the first time she’s worn them. She also wanted to go to bed that night with the cushion and blanket that have photos of Jessica on them.


  • Thomas rolling over from his back to front for the first time.


Thomas on his front on his playmat


  • Making a papier-mâché dinosaur head with Sophie for Dino Day.


  • Sophie snuggling up with Thomas to watch CBeebies together.


Sophie and Thomas snuggling together to watch CBeebies with Jessica's photo blanket next to them


  • The lovely Valentine’s card that hubby left for me.



6 thoughts on “Friday Focus 15/02/19 – Coughs and sneezes

  1. I’m sorry you’ve all been unwell, I truly hope it’s all cleared up for the half term. So many things in this post make my heart melt, you truly have an adorable family and Jessica is always with you. xx
    Thanks for linking up to #Wotw

  2. Louise,

    Sorry to hear about the cold-bug. When I was the age Sophie is now, I was off school for weeks with chickenpox, so I know what a nasty disease it can be. Hopefully she’s managed to dodge it.
    Love the photo of Thomas on the mat. He seems fascinated by CBeebies, but perhaps he’s still deciding whether he likes the programme he’s watching.

  3. Lovely to plant a snowdrop for Jessica. I remember the park. A beautiful idea. Sophie looks so happy on the Zog walk. It is obviously a good trail. Thomas is growing so quickly. Hope the bugs keep clear away for your half term and you have a good week. #wotw

  4. Oh no! It’s rotten when a cold/bug goes through the whole family. I hope you are all better soon.
    That is so sweet that someone looks out for Sophie at Girls Brigade. Bless them.
    Lovely photos! Have a fab half term x

  5. Oh no every blog I have read today has been ill, there is so much going around. Hope you feel better next week. Aw that’s so lovely that the Girls Brigade girls are so sweet with Sophie. I am loving all the snowdrops coming up and the blue skies, doesn’t it make a difference x

  6. Sorry to hear you have all been feeling poorly, I hope you are all feeling better now and that chickenpox gives Sophie a miss. The Zog trail looks fab, I thought there might be one local to us but there isn’t this time and we missed the Gruffalo one. The Snowdrop walk sounds like a lovely thing to do in remembrance of Jessica. #wotw

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