Friday Focus 14/04/17 – Catching up with family

One of my favourite things about the holidays is being able to spend time catching up with my family. Now that Jessica is at school, it’s much more difficult to visit family during term-time so the time we have during holidays is extra-precious. The girls have enjoyed having a sleepover at my sister’s house and spending time with my mum, my sisters and my nieces. It’s always lovely to see the cousins having fun together. Hubby’s cousin is also visiting this weekend with her two girls, so Jessica and Sophie will get to catch up with their cousins on the other side of the family too.

A doodle of my girls having fun with their cousins with the word "Family" - this week's word of the week

Things I have loved this week:

  • Finding new places to explore in the local area.
  • Seeing Bagpuss and the Clangers at the River & Rowing Museum in Henley.
  • Watching the girls enjoying the sunshine and having fun on some fairground rides.


Sophie and Jessica having fun on a chair-o-plane ride

  • Catching bubbles in the garden.
  • Both girls learning how to ride a bike. Jessica has struggled to find enough strength to push the pedals around but finally managed to do it at the weekend – a very proud mummy moment!


Jessica riding her bike along the path

  • Doing the Easter trail at Black Park.
  • Taking the girls swimming with their cousins and seeing how much their confidence has increased in the pool.
  • Receiving a box of goodies from NOW TV full of supplies for making hot cross buns. It was lovely to watch my girls and nieces in the kitchen together having fun helping me make them. The hot cross buns we made were delicious too.

(left) Sophie helping mix the ingredients together to make hot cross buns; (right) The finished hot cross buns with jelly stars on top

16 thoughts on “Friday Focus 14/04/17 – Catching up with family

  1. Aww! How lovely! Family is a great word. I agree it is so hard to see family when the kids are in school. We have family visiting next week. I can’t wait.
    Well done to the girls riding their bikes. Such a big milestone!
    Those hot cross buns look fab x

    1. Thank you Jane. It is lovely doing some baking together. Hope you and Little E get the chance to do some together soon 🙂

  2. Oh I do like your new blog header – you really are quite talented, Louise!
    Family is so very important & keeping in touch is lovely, but now that the children have school restricting their Monday to Friday it’s always a bit of a juggle to fit it in, isn’t it?!
    I love the photo of the girls on the fairground ride, you can see their exhileration on their faces!
    As for learning to ride a bike – that’s a right of passage which they’ve now both conquered. You’ll love going on family bike rides together – that’s certainly what we do & it really is fun!
    Have a lovely Easter with all your family, Louise

    1. Thank you so much Tracey – I had so much fun designing it. Family bike rides together sound like fun. Hope you are having a lovely Easter too x

  3. Well done to both girls at not giving up with the bike riding. No stopping them now. Lovely to catch up with your family. We’re seeing as many as we can. Those buns look yummy and I bet they had so much fun making them. I love Bagpus and the Clangers. Lucky you! #wotw

    1. Thank you Cheryl. Always lovely to catch up with family. We loved seeing Bagpuss and the Clangers – I have to admit I was much more excited about it than the girls were though! 🙂

  4. I havent had a hot cross bun this year and I love them, well done girls they look so tasty. And well done on the bike riding I remember how proud the boys were when they learnt. Enjoy the Easter Weekend xx

  5. Great word, sounds like the girls are surrounded by loving family. It is hard to get to see people during term time, good to be able to do so during the holidays. I do love that fairground photo, they book look so happy to be on it! And well done to Jessica on her bike! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

    1. Thank you Jocelyn. It is lovely to see family in the holidays. That fairground photo is one of my favourites – love how much fun they were having 🙂

  6. Great to see the girls havinmg lots of fun together and the event at the Rowing Museum sounds tempting to see. Eldest calls the Clangers ‘Gangin’.#WotW

    1. Love “Gangin'” for the Clangers. My girls tend to call them “the Plangers” 🙂

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