An Easter trail at Black Park

Having a trail to follow always makes a walk a little more interesting. It’s also a good way of getting the girls to explore different areas and helping them to enjoy a long walk without being so aware of how long it is. Little legs don’t tire quite so quickly when there are things to look out for and clues to spot! The prospect of a reward at the end also helps!


This year’s Easter trail at Black Park had us looking for different animals to help the Easter bunny find out which one she forgot to invite to her Easter party. We were given a map to follow and a list of eight different characters to look out for along the way. Which character was missing from the trail?


Jessica and Sophie pulling cheeky faces at each other at the Easter trail in Black Park.

We’ve done a couple of trails in Black Park before. It was interesting to see how much the girls remembered.  As soon as we left the visitor centre, Jessica spotted the bridge where the troll had been on the fairies trail.


“Look, Mummy! It’s the bridge with the troll! Where is the troll?”

“Maybe he’s asleep,” I suggested.

“No, Mummy,” she told me. “I think they’ve just put away all the fairy things and the troll. Maybe they’ll put them out again the next time we do the trail.”


I can’t help but feel a little of the magic has been lost with Jessica’s awareness that it is all pretend!


Sophie and Jessica at the first clue on the Easter trail

Jessica was a little subdued as we followed the trail and clung to my hand most of the way. It was a fairly chilly day. Although I kept adding layers underneath her coat to keep her warm, she was struggling. I’d also left the buggy at home, as the trail hadn’t been especially buggy-friendly last year. Fortunately, Jessica just about coped with the walk, with regular stops to sit and rest.


Jessica and Sophie at one of the clues on the Easter trail

Sophie, on the other hand, was happy to run ahead. She got quite excited each time she spotted an arrow, or another clue. She loved “putting a kiss” next to each animal on the sheet that she found. However, she was quite disappointed when we reached the end of the trail and hadn’t spotted the last animal. I did try to explain that there was one animal missing and we wouldn’t find it – but she kept telling me that she wanted to find the last one!


Sophie and Jessica at one of the clues on the Easter trail at Black Park

Sophie was also disappointed to miss out on a trip to the playground at the end of the trail. Usually Jessica manages to find a little extra energy at this point, but she was just too tired this time. Thankfully, getting a chocolate egg each as a reward for finishing the trail helped to ease some of Sophie’s disappointment.


Sophie looking on the map for the animals on the Easter trail

Although Jessica did manage to cope with the walk, it did completely wear her out. She fell asleep within minutes of getting back to the car. It was another moment though that has made me aware that her energy levels aren’t quite what they were last year. She’s now five years on from her last open heart surgery. Although she’s doing well, the signs that the next surgery is needed are definitely starting to appear.


Sophie choosing an egg at the end of the trail

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30 thoughts on “An Easter trail at Black Park

  1. This looks like a lovely Easter trail – a nice concept to be looking out for the different animals. Glad you had a great day. Thanks for sharing. #countrykids

  2. What a lovely family walk around Black Park, that trail sounds like the perfect way to spend a day. It’s a shame that Sophie was sad that you couldn’t find the last animal, it is a little confusing if they’re on the sheet to be ticked off but isn’t able to be found. It’s a shame that Jessica wasn’t really feeling up to the walk as she usually might be, let’s hope there’s still a little time before she needs her next operation, I can’t imagine how stressful they are.

    Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids.

    1. Thank you Fiona. I think we’re probably about a year away from it now but I’m definitely becoming more aware of the need for it. Jessica still has a good amount of energy on the whole though – just not quite as much as she once did.

  3. Aww! What a lovely walk! Having things to look out for makes walking so much easier with little ones…
    Bless them. It sounds like they both struggled at the end for different reasons….

    1. Thank you Caroline. She still copes quite well with getting out and about, but I’m definitely becoming more conscious of having to slow down and make more allowances for Jessica’s energy levels x

    1. Thank you Mich. I think we’re probably about a year away from the op now. Jessica’s coping well on the whole, but I’m definitely become more aware of the need for the next op x

  4. Sounds like a lovely trail, although N previously has said the same as Sophie, not understanding the missing last clue! Hopefully you get some news about Jessica’s next surgery, and she’s got a bit more time before she needs it. #countrykids

    1. Thanks Emma. I’m hoping we’re still a year away from needing it. It is confusing for them when there’s one clue left – I never did manage to explain it well enough to Sophie!

  5. What a lovely walk. My children love taking part in trails and it gives them an incentive for a long walk! It’s a shame Jessica wasn’t feeling 100%. It must be hard for Sophie to understand. Hugs x


    1. Thank you Heidi. It was a nice walk although it was a struggle for Jessica. It is sometimes hard for Sophie to understand why we can’t always do something but she’s very good at accepting it on the whole.

  6. What a fun idea. I have found that with my daughter too if there are things to keep her interest she will walk for quite a while. Although sometime I do still forget she is only 6 and perhaps the walk is harder for her.

    1. Having something to look out for does make a longer walk easier but yes, the walk can be harder on little legs too.

    1. Thank you so much. She seems to have perked up a little since so hopefully it was just an off day

  7. It must be so difficult to watch her loose energy poor thing, and difficult to balance both their needs. Monkeys realised a lot of things are pretend and I feel like it takes some of the magic away too! #CountryKids

    1. It is a little sad when they lose that magic isn’t it? Jessica knows a lot of things are pretend now but she still enjoys them which is good.

  8. Amazing what the lure of chocolate will do! It’s tricky with that whole not taking the buggy thing and them getting tired. We are going through the same thing with our nearly 3 year old. #CountryKids

    1. It is tricky trying to work out when it will be needed and when I can get away without it. Having a chocolate reward is always a good motivator! 🙂

  9. You are so right when it comes to little ones being spurred on by an award at the end of a trail. Sorry to read that Jessica is not as energetic as she was last year but I think it’s great you are so tuned into your child. #CountryKids

    1. Thanks Helena. She still has a good amount of energy considering she’s got the op to come – it’s just that I’m becoming more aware of it decreasing and I know as she gets nearer to needing that surgery, it will continue to do so.

  10. Where is Black Park? Wherever it is your girls look like they are having a smashing time looking for those eggs! #countrykids

    1. It’s near Slough. Such a lovely place to visit – we’ve been quite a few times and the girls always enjoy it there 🙂

  11. Black Park is lovely and huge, too. I can imagine how the Easter Egg hunt if not kept up at pace can loose some momentum. Sometimes I have been known to make up the last answer to get that sense of completion for the children (I know…!!)
    I hope Jessica is ok and sorry to hear she’s not as lively as her normal self. I’m sure every day is different & difficult at times for you as a mummy looking at her and noticing every little change in her; I cannot imagine. I only hope she feels better soon and her operation remains a little while away
    #CountryKids – sorry I’m so late in commenting, Louise, we were away for the week

    1. Thanks Tracey. Jessica is doing well on the whole but I am definitely becoming more aware of the changes in her energy levels. She still has a good amount of energy though so fingers crossed we are still a way off needing the next op x

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