Friday Focus 14/02/2020 – A challenging week

I’m flying solo at the moment as hubby is in Australia on a work trip. I’m used to the normal challenges that this brings, although this week seems to have been full of extra challenges to deal with.


The word 'challenges' in purple


It all started with hubby’s car breaking down when he went to leave work on Friday. Not the best timing as we were trying to leave early to head down to Torquay for the weekend for the Land’s End to John O’Groats Association annual dinner (more on that later). Fortunately, we were planning on driving down in my car, and he was able to leave his car at work and come home in one of the vans instead. The car’s still there, waiting to go to the garage at some point over the next few days, to find out what the problem is. Hopefully it can be fixed.


We made it down to Torquay a little later in the evening than we’d planned, but we got there okay. We were there to mark another challenge – our JOGLE for Jessica last year when we travelled from John O’Groats to Lands End by bus and train. Thomas was awarded a special trophy in Jessica’s memory for doing the journey just after his first birthday. If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you might remember that Sophie won a trophy three years ago for being the youngest to do the journey that year. It was lovely to hear people mention Jessica, remembering her from that weekend three years ago, but so very bittersweet to be back there without her.


Thomas in his shirt and bow tie, holding his trophy while sitting on Daddy's lap


There was a scary moment the next morning when Sophie choked on some bacon fat at breakfast. It really can’t have been more than a few seconds before she managed to bring it up, but hubby and I were quite shaken up by it. It brought back some very strong memories and emotions from the night Jessica died; that realisation that life can change in an instant. Thank goodness Sophie was okay.


We were anticipating a challenging journey home, driving back on Sunday while Storm Ciara was raging. I think we missed the worst of it though, and it did mean the roads were much quieter than usual. It was a relief to get home safely, although just as we got back, the oil light came on in my car. We’ve topped it up, but it’s happened a couple of times since getting it back from the garage last month and I think there might be a leak somewhere. I’m hoping hubby’s car is back up and running soon so I can get mine into the garage to be looked at again.


Hubby’s flight out to Australia on Sunday evening ended up being delayed but thankfully he got off okay. Flying solo for me didn’t get off to the best start though – the combination of a migraine with Thomas waking several times on Monday night was not great. I’ve been trying to take it easy this week as a result and get early nights where I can.


And then just to add to the challenges of the week, my washing machine stopped working yesterday. I think I might be able to fix it, but trying to pull it out and have a proper look is a challenge in itself! Hubby’s much better at dealing with this kind of thing, so to have it happen when he’s away is frustrating. Although on the positive side, that does mean one fewer person to generate laundry…


Let’s hope next week is smoother sailing!


Things that have made me smile this week

  • Enjoying some time on the beach in Torquay with Sophie and Thomas.


Sophie and Thomas on the beach in Torquay, heading towards the sea


  • Sophie and Thomas’s gorgeous matching outfits.


Thomas wearing dungarees and Sophie wearing a dress in matching green animal print abric


  • Making a kite with Sophie. We didn’t have a lot of success at getting it to fly, but we had fun trying!


  • Thomas giving me big bear hugs. He’s such a cuddly little boy.


  • Reading Wonky Donkey at bedtime and getting the giggles.


  • Watching Sophie enjoying playing crazy golf at the VIP launch event for Putt Crazy, and bumping into my lovely blogger friend Mel.


Sophie at one of the Mayan-inspired crazy golf holes at Putt Crazy


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12 thoughts on “Friday Focus 14/02/2020 – A challenging week

  1. Car and washing machine! You have my sympathy. Hope all are easily fixed. I’m glad you made it to your annual dinner. Lovely that people still talked about Jessica and that Thomas had a special cup. I absolutely love their matching outfits. Hope this week is easier. #wotw

    1. Thank you. I did manage to fix the washing machine although it’s still being a bit temperamental. The car definitely needs a trip to the garage soon though!

  2. oh how I hate car trouble, I hope you get both cars sorted soon. I’m glad you managed your trip though. Sophie and Thomas look so cute in matching outfits. I hope next week is less stressful for you. x

    1. Thank you Anne. The car definitely needs a trip to the garage sooner rather than later – hopefully we’ll get them both sorted out soon.

  3. Look at brave little Sophie – out in the water with her winter coat on. It must have been cold! So sorry to read that she inadvertently gave you a scare!

    Good luck with your time flying solo. I hope to read about a lot of things that made you smile next week! The matching outfits are adorable! 🙂

  4. Omg some weeks it all goes wrong doesn’t it? And always when you could do without it! I hope you manage to get it all fixed. Well done Thomas, I bet it was a bitter sweet evening. The matching outfits look so cute. I bet that was so frightening I am so glad Sophie is ok xx

    1. Thank you Sarah, it definitely was one of those weeks. Car still needs attention but I’ve managed to fix the washing machine for now x

  5. It sounds like you had a nice time at the dinner event. Thomas looks so cute with the trophy.
    Oh gosh! That must have been scary Sophie choking on the bacon fat. I am so glad she’s OK and what a worry to drive home in the storm.
    I hope you get the washing machine fixed. I wouldn’t know where to start with fixing one.
    Sophie and Thomas’s matching outfits are indeed gorgeous! x

    1. Thank you Kim. YouTube was very helpful for working out how to get the washing machine going again although it’s still a bit temperamental x

  6. Cars and washing machines are the most challenging things to wrong – hope you can get them all sorted. Thomas looks so cute in his little bow tie!

    1. Thank you Karen. Washing machine is now working again but the car definitely needs a trip to the garage. I do love Thomas’s little bow tie – so cute 🙂

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