Friday Focus 12/07/19 – A few proud moments

Last Friday was the Girls’ and Boys’ Brigades awards evening. Sophie was very proud to be awarded the four badges that she worked for this year, her church parade attendance badge and a certificate and book for being the winner of the Explorer marks competition.


The word 'proud' with a smiley face at the 'u'


As you can imagine, it was an emotional evening too with all the memories of awards evenings with Jessica. She’s still very much remembered and loved at Girls’ Brigade. Last year, we donated an award in her memory to be awarded to a girl in the company each year who has overcome something and made an achievement. After Jessica’s cup was given out to this year’s very deserving recipient, we were presented with a beautiful azalea in memory of Jessica which Sophie and her friends helped to pot in the courtyard at church. There were lots of tears and lots of smiles too.


Sophie holding her certificate from Girls' Brigade and standing next to the azalea planted in memory of Jessica


Sophie made me proud this week too at her first rehearsal for The Sound of Music. The children had a singthrough of Do-Re-Mi and I was amazed at how well Sophie managed to follow the score and come in with her part. She loved it and I loved seeing her enjoyment throughout the rehearsal. I also enjoyed singing through some of the nun’s choruses at my first rehearsal.


Thomas is getting very confident now with pulling himself up to stand and is starting to work out how to cruise around the furniture. He’s very proud of himself for being able to get around more!


Thomas standing up and holding on to the sofa



Things that have made me smile this week

  • Thomas sitting at the sound desk at church. We have similar photos of both his sisters sitting at the sound desk when they were babies.


Thomas at the sound desk at church


  • Arranging the flowers at church.


A flower arrangement of pink and purple flowers


  • Watching Sophie having fun on the trampolines and slides at her friend’s birthday party.


  • Putting blobs of paint on a paper plate and putting it out in the rain to see what patterns it made.


Sophie in her puddle suit looking at the rain splattering paint drops on a paper plate



  • After-school trips to the park.


  • A lovely evening having one of our university friends over for dinner.


  • Being able to see Sophie’s face properly again after getting her fringe cut.



  • Being sent a beautiful bouquet from our best man to congratulate us on our anniversary.


A bouquet of yellow and cream flowers


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10 thoughts on “Friday Focus 12/07/19 – A few proud moments

  1. Thomas does look exceedingly pleased with his walking/cruising. Well done Sophie for all her rewards. That has to be the biggest smile of the week. Lovely that your rehearsals are going well and Sophie is enjoying it. I thought your blobs of paint were skittles for a moment. Paint probably works better! Beautiful flowers. Hope you have a good weekend. #wotw

  2. Happy Anniversary and congratulations to Sophie and Thomas, lots to be proud of for sure. I can’t believe you’ll soon have a toddler on your hands! I love Jessica’s Azalea x
    Thanks for linking up to #WotW

  3. Lots to be proud of this week, well done to Sophie on all her achievements, it’s lovely that she helped pot the Azalea in Jessica’s memory. Thomas will be off before you know it, once they find their feet there’s no stopping them. Happy Anniversary, the flowers are just lovely what a nice thought. I hope you have a lovely weekend x

  4. Awww…”Proud” is a good way to sum up your week. It’s awesome that you donated an award in memory of Jessica. What a wonderful way to honor your daughter’s memory.

  5. Well done Sophie for getting the badges from Girls Brigade. It must have brought back so many memories especially with Jesscia’s cup. It’s such a lovely way to remember a special girl.
    It sounds like the rehearsals for The Sound of Music are going well.
    Oh wow! Go Thomas. It looks like he’ll be off fully walking in no time. He looks quite the expert at the sound desk. hehehe

  6. Aw well done Sophie what a fab week and look how pleased she looks I love that photo fo her, what a lovely thing to plant the azalea we have one that usually flowers on my Grandads birthday it always makes me smile when I see that first flower as I feel that he is here with me. Thomas is really growing up he has such a cheeky face xx

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