Friday Focus 12/01/2024 – Settled

We’ve settled back in to our normal routines with everything being back to normal after the Christmas break. Thomas seems more settled at school this week too which is good. He struggled with the return to school last week but has a new teaching assistant helping him and has been much happier this week. Sophie has settled back into her busy routine of dance and theatre classes. This term is going to be a busy one with extra rehearsals as her theatre group have their main show during the Easter break.


The word 'settled' in lilac



What I’ve been grateful for this week:


The corner of my lounge looking bare after the Christmas tree was taken down; Sophie and Thomas snuggling on the sofa; my new purple shoes; a mini snowman on a garden table; four Powerpuff Girls figures; a footpath through the woods; Thomas's new reading book - "#366daysofgratitude 2024 - Week 2" 


  • Day 5 – I am grateful that the Christmas decorations have been taken down and packed away.


  • Day 6 – I am grateful for snuggles on the sofa.


  • Day 7 – I am grateful for pretty new shoes.


  • Day 8 – I am grateful for enough snow to make a teeny snowman.


  • Day 9 – I am grateful for eBay. Thomas is crazy about the Powerpuff Girls at the moment so was very happy to be surprised with these after school.


  • Day 10 – I am grateful for getting out in the winter sunshine for a lunchtime walk.


  • Day 11 – I am grateful that Thomas finally got a new reading book having had the last one for 45 days.



Other things that have made me smile this week:

  • Sophie’s delight at jumping on the trampoline in the park when it was filled with water after all the rain. She got soaked but at least we managed to get home fairly quickly and get changed before she got too cold.


Sophie jumping on a water-filled trampoline with water splashing up under her


  • Having snuggles with Sophie and Thomas in my bed in the morning and reading the day’s poem from ‘I Am The Seed That Grew The Tree’ before getting ready for the school run.


  • Sophie and Thomas making shadow puppets at bedtime.


Sophie and Thomas making shadow puppets on the wall


  • Sophie getting a distinction in her ballet exam with 91 marks.


  • Catching up with am-dram friends at the launch night for the May concert.


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12 thoughts on “Friday Focus 12/01/2024 – Settled

  1. Our Christmas decorations are about 3/4 away, some still sitting in a box awaiting to be stored… how long they will sit there until I have to put them away!

  2. We are the same this week, settled back into our normal routine. It sounds like things are going well for Thomas at school.
    Lovely photos. That snowman is so cute, we have had no snow at all and Thomas’s reading book is a blast form the past, I remember my girls reading those books from school. Well done that he got a new one.

  3. Well done Sophie on her ballet! It sounds like you have settled into your routines, you also sound very busy. I love your pretty new shoes.

  4. The water filled trampoline made me smile, it’s like a magnet for them isn’t it! and it looked like lots of fun. Well done to Sophie for her ballet. It’s nice to get back into routines.

  5. That’s a great set of marks for Sophie’s ballet exam. N used to love jumping on wet trampolines like that. Well done Thomas with his reading too. I’m loving those shoes.

  6. How nice to be back to the regular routines. I am glad the kids are back at school and happy about it. You must be happy too. All the best for the busy season of rehearsals and school runs. God bless.

  7. Its great to get back into a routine isn’t it? 🙂 Also snuggles on the couch is just the best thing ever.

  8. Well done to Sophie with her ballet exam. I bet she was cold with the water on the trampoline, but it sounded fun. No snow here yet in the West Midlands. It’s nice to be back in a regular routine.

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