Friday Focus 11/06/21 – Gentle

It’s been a week of needing to be a little more gentle with myself, particularly with my husband being away working for a few days. We decided to have an overnight stay at “the moon” (Jessica’s name for Premier Inn) near my mum’s house last Friday and spend Saturday catching up with my family.


The word 'gentle' in lilac


It was a little bit of a stressful stay. Thomas was a bit of a pickle during our evening meal in the restaurant and of course the excitement of it all meant that he took forever to settle down in the evening. By the time he and Sophie were asleep, I was thoroughly frazzled and vowing never to do an overnight stay alone again. On the plus side though, we all slept well and breakfast went smoothly so maybe I’ll reconsider that vow!


I spent a little while on my own on Saturday morning sitting in the churchyard where my dad’s ashes are interred. It’s been a while since I last cried for my dad (he died 11 years ago) but it was one of those moments when grief had me firmly by the hand and I just needed to let it all out.


It was a big relief to have my second vaccine this week. I had to be gentle with myself the day after though. I felt like my brain had been replaced with cotton wool and had no energy at all. Thankfully it only lasted a day.


We’re being gentle with ourselves today as we prepare to say our final goodbyes to my husband’s aunt. It’s going to be a very emotional day but I know that there’ll be smiles as well as tears as we remember the life of a wonderful lady who was much-loved and will be very much missed.


What I’ve been grateful for this week:


Thomas and Sophie at Uppark; Sophie and Thomas in matching rainbow T-shirts and blue shorts in my mum's garden; Sophie sitting in her den in the garden; Sophie in the playground at Langley Park; me with my vaccine card; roses from the garden at Jessica's forever bed; an arrangement of red and white flowers - "#365daysofgratitude 2021 - Week 23"


  • Day 155 – I am grateful that the rain stopped in time for our afternoon visit to Uppark.


  • Day 156 – I am grateful for matching summer outfits.


  • Day 157 – I am grateful for a tea party in a den in the garden.


  • Day 158 – I am grateful for after-school fun at the park.


  • Day 159 – I am grateful to be fully vaccinated.


  • Day 160 – I am grateful that the roses I took to Jessica today have all come from our garden and include some of the Pretty Jessica roses.


  • Day 161 – I am grateful that Sophie and Thomas played nicely together while I put together the flowers for Auntie Marls’ funeral tomorrow. I’m a little out of practice but it’s been put together with a lot of love.



Other things that have made me smile this week:

  • Sophie’s excitement when Daddy video-called her from inside the CBeebies house while he was working away.


  • Catching up with family at my brother’s birthday barbecue.


Me and my twin


  • Sophie trying to play my mum’s guitar.


Sophie playing my mum's guitar


  • Thomas having a nap in the toddler carrier. I rarely use it these days but he’d just fallen asleep in the car when we arrived at the pool for Sophie’s swimming lesson so it was the easiest way of allowing him to continue his nap.


  • Sophie getting her gold Mathletics certificate.


Sophie holding her gold Mathletics certificate



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22 thoughts on “Friday Focus 11/06/21 – Gentle

  1. Louise,

    You’ve had quite an eventful week!
    “It’s been a while since I last cried for my dad (he died 11 years ago)”. Yes, you do need to let grief out sometimes, even after years have gone by. I imagine the loss of your husband’s aunt may have brought your dad to mind even more than usual?
    I didn’t know your mum played the guitar. There’s so much musical talent in your family, Sophie should learn all the chords in no time!

    1. It was quite an eventful week. I think you’re probably right that losing my husband’s aunt has brought other grief closer to the surface. It did help to let it out though.

  2. Sometimes you need to be gentle on yourself and it sounds like you are feeling sensitive at the moment. Keep on looking for the good things and try and get plenty of rest. I’m glad you go to see your family x

  3. Having a night away sounds like a good idea but sorry it was a little stressful.
    I am glad you got to spend sometime where your dad’s ashes are.
    I have my 2nd vaccine tomorrow and I’m dreading it. Eek!
    Sending love and hugs about your husbands Aunt. I lost my great aunt last night. I am being gentle to myself today.
    Lovely photos. Thomas and Sophie’s matching outfits are adorable. x

    1. I’m so sorry about your great aunt Kim. Sending big hugs to you all. Hope that all went well with your second vaccine and you managed to avoid any side effects x

  4. Ah, you’ve been up to some nice things this week. Yay to the 2n vaccine, hopefully you didn’t feel too bad the next day.

    1. Hope all went well with Andrew’s vaccine and that he didn’t have too many side effects. My husband was working in one of the nearby studios and was allowed to go in the CBeebies house for a look.

  5. We’ve been talking about me taking the kdis away as Chris cannot leave our elderly dog. Premier Inn is always our fave! I miss Cbeebies 🙂 #project365

    1. I love Premier Inn – you always know what you’re getting and we’ve never had a bad stay yet.

  6. Sounds like you needed to let it all out. It was also good to be gentle with yourself. I love the name for the premier inn the kids always get excited when we stay at one of those. I would have been excited too if I had got a call from someone inside the CBeebies house ;0) #WotW

  7. Gentle is a good word, we could all do with being more gentle with ourselves sometimes. I think you are brave to do a night stay away alone when Thomas is so little still. Glad to hear breakfast went well. We do love the Premier Inn. Lovely to see family too. Hope Hubby is at home more next week for you all so difficult when they have to work away.

    1. Thanks Clare – it is hard when he is working away more. I love Premier Inn too – we always know what to expect and have not yet had a bad stay with them.

  8. Must be a relief to get your second dose!

    Sounds like an eventful week with a mixed bag of emotions. The flowers for the funeral look lovely.

    1. Thank you. It was quite a mixed week, and yes such a relief to get the second dose and be double-jabbed.

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