Friday Focus 08/10/21 – Lull

After the busyness and the emotional rollercoaster of the last few weeks, it’s been good to have a bit of a lull this week. My to-do list is starting to feel manageable again and while there have been intense emotional moments, I’ve been able to just let myself feel the emotions without trying to fight the storm.



What I’ve been grateful for this week:


Sophie and Thomas dancing along to Strictly; Sophie sitting with her friends in the waffle bar; cakes on a table; Thomas in a dinosaur-themed raincoat and wellies; Thomas asleep in his bed; Sophie and Thomas outside Sophie's ballet class; Jessica's forever bed with a vase of lilies in front marking where Auntie Marls' ashes were interred - "#365daysofgratitude 2021 - Week 40"


  • Day 274 – I am grateful for all the beautiful memories brought back by moments like this.


  • Day 275 – I am grateful for a lovely afternoon going out for ice-cream and waffles to celebrate Sophie’s friend’s birthday.


  • Day 276 – I am grateful that both services at church went well today and the children coped well with being at church all day (and enjoyed being able to have some cake afterwards too!)


  • Day 277 – I am grateful for raincoats and wellies.


  • Day 278 – I am grateful that Daddy was on bedtime duty this evening.


  • Day 279 – I am grateful for the ordinary moments


  • Day 280 – I am grateful that we were able to inter Auntie Marls’ ashes so close to Jessica’s forever bed today on her birthday. Whenever I visit Jessica from now on, I will make sure I bring some flowers for Auntie Marls too. Thankful too for all the lovely memories of a wonderful lady who is very much missed.



Other things that have made me smile this week:

  • Singing in a choir for the local area group joint church service.


  • Morning snuggles with Sophie and Thomas.


Thomas snuggled in my bed


  • Sophie moving up another book band to grey.


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19 thoughts on “Friday Focus 08/10/21 – Lull

  1. Sometimes we have to just be grateful for the lull. Focus on the little moments and stop fighting the difficult ones. I’m glad you’ve had a nice week and big hugs for Aunt Marl x

  2. Such a nice mild week where there’s been a long enough lull for you to be still and appreciate the quiet moments.
    Long may it last.

    ps, the church choir singing sounds lovely. We do like those sorts of things.

    1. It has been good to have a lull. I love singing in a choir too but don’t often get the opportunity.

  3. I am glad things are a bit calmer for you now.
    Aww! Lovley to see Sophie and Thomas dancing to Strictly. I remember the photos of Jessica and Sophie dancing just like that.
    So sorry about your Auntie Marls but it’s nice that she can be close to Jessica. x

    1. Thanks Kim. It really reminds me of my girls when I watch Sophie and Thomas dancing along to Strictly. So lovely to have those moments.

  4. Good to hear things are a little quieter this week for you. I am finding Autumn very full-on at the moment. Well done Sophie on moving up a book level and you can not beat morning snuggles. You have just inspired me to find waffles tonight with the boys!

    1. Thank you – this week has been very full-on so it was good to have a quieter one to recharge beforehand!

  5. Lull sounds better than anxiety. Glad to hear you’re feeling calmer. Are they dancing or doing martial arts in the first picture? 🙂 Well done, Sophie, for moving on the next book level. The morning (and evening) snuggles are special.

    1. Actually just reading comments above, I see they are dancing. It’s just I never watched Strictly in my life, so didn’t recognise the screen image. 🙂

  6. Not sure if you know my second cousin Carol (lives in Hillingdon) but she has missed the singing in church! Well done to Sophie improving her reading and lovely little moments this week to celebrate. #project365

    1. Thanks Laura. I had a quick glance at your friends list on FB and I do know your second cousin Carol and can well imagine that she has missed singing in church too!

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