Friday Focus 01/10/21 – Gentler

This week has been a busy one, but gentler than the past few weeks have been. The storm has calmed down for now and I’m back to feeling more able to navigate living with grief. It’s just as well given all the things I’m currently trying to juggle. Hopefully once I get past this weekend it will hopefully ease off a little.


The word 'gentler' in lilac




What I’ve been grateful for this week:


Sophie with her Brainiac Award certificate; my mum with Sophie and Thomas in their outfits for my sister's wedding reception; Thomas asleep cuddling his water bottle; Thomas eating a jacket potato with beans and cheese; Thomas eating scrambled eggs on toast at the church cafe; the heart shaped stone and pebbles in Jessica's garden with a Pretty Jessica rose and robin and dragonfly decorations; the dashboard of my car showing a range of 275 miles - "#365daysofgratitude 2021 - Week 39"


  • Day 267 – I am grateful that Sophie is enjoying junior school and is “working so hard in all lessons, being helpful and always smiling”. She was very proud coming out of school with a Brainiac Award certificate this afternoon. Well done Sophie.


  • Day 268 – I am grateful for a lovely evening celebrating with family and friends at my twinny’s wedding reception one year after her wedding. Sophie enjoyed being able to wear her bridesmaid dress again.


  • Day 269 – I am grateful that this little monkey has finally settled down to sleep after a bit of an epic bedtime battle!


  • Day 270 – I am grateful for simple suppers that don’t end up being rejected!


  • Day 271 – I am grateful for a nice relaxing lunch at the church cafe.


  • Day 272 – I am grateful that I can see all the decorations around the Pretty Jessica roses again after spending the morning clearing the weeds.


  • Day 273 – I am grateful to have some petrol in the tank again having been running very low.



Other things that have made me smile this week:

  • Getting a glimpse of a moment that might have been at my sister’s wedding reception thanks to the magic of Photoshop.


A photoshopped image of my sister and her bridesmaids at her wedding reception with Jessica photoshopped in as a flower girl next to Sophie


  • Playing around with different bun hair-styles for Sophie’s dance classes.


Sophie's hair in a bun with three small plaints going from her forehead back towards the bun


  • Watching Sophie walking into school hand-in-hand with her friends and seeing how happy she is to go in each day.


  • A brief dream visit from Jessica.


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24 thoughts on “Friday Focus 01/10/21 – Gentler

  1. I am glad this week has been better for you.
    What lovely photos. It sounds like Sophie is getting on well at school. Congrats again to your sister. It sounds like you had a lovely time at the reception. The photo with Jessica added really is fantastic. x

  2. Glad that things are settling better for you. Wow! What a photo. That’s a nice one.
    Hope things continue to be calmer emotionally. Big hugs for a great week ahead.

  3. The hair style is so cute and very appropriate for dance classes. She looks wonderful in the bridesmaid dress.

  4. So glad that this week has been better for you. Lovely that your sister finally got her wedding reception and that you all got to dress up again. Lovely photo of you all. We have resorted to the simpler meals recently because of the refusal to eat! So I can completely relate to that. Well done Sophie on your certificate.

    1. Thanks Clare. Sometimes it is just easier to go for the simple option rather than fighting the battle!

  5. I am glad to hear that you are starting to feel a bit better. I love the bridesmaid photo with Jessica in it – very clever. Love Sophie’s hair, wish I could do that

  6. Love the photoshopped wedding pic. I’m relieved for you that things have eased a little this week. Sleep and food can be major struggles so I’m sure this change lightens the load. #project365

  7. I’m glad things are feeling a little bit easier for you. I love that Sophie is enjoying school. Little E is starting to this year. It sounds like you are having as much fun with food and sleep as we have. Beautiful bridesmaids in that photo #WotW

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