Friday Focus 08/07/2022 – Transitions

This time of year is all about transitions. Transition day at school with Sophie and Thomas spending an afternoon in Year 4 and reception. They both enjoyed their time in the new classrooms. Thomas loved it so much that we had a rather epic tantrum afterwards because he wanted to go back and Mummy was clearly mean because she wouldn’t take him back to his new class. I guess that’s a good sign in some respects!


The word 'transitions'


This evening is the Girls’ (and Boys’!) Brigade awards evening when Sophie will be promoted from the Explorers section into the Juniors section. Another transition; another reminder that my baby girl is growing up and it really doesn’t feel so very long ago that she was an adorable four-year old starting in Explorers with a proud big sister telling me that she would look after Sophie and help show her what to do.


Transitions have always been a bittersweet part of parenting, but they’re especially painful as a bereaved parent. They bring back into sharp focus that reminder that time keeps moving us further away from life with Jessica; the reminder that there is a little girl who is not moving on to a new school year, not waiting in the Junior section at Girls’ Brigade for her little sister to join her. This year that ache is also exacerbated by the fact that these transitions also mark the end of an era of parenting for us, the end of the preschool days.


The Girls’ Brigade transition is one that I’m finding especially hard. I never got to experience my girls at school together and chances are, I now never will have that experience of two children at the same school. Seeing them together in their Girls’ Brigade uniforms was the nearest I ever got to that kind of experience. Those memories of Jessica and Sophie being in Explorers together are particularly precious ones. Explorers is the section where Sophie and Jessica were together and it breaks my heart that she is moving into Juniors without her big sister there to welcome her. As you can imagine, I’m a bit of a mess of emotions at the moment.


Jessica and Sophie in their Girls' Brigade uniforms at church parade in December 2017, holding hands walking up the aisle out of church



What I’ve been grateful for over the past two weeks:


Thomas and Sophie at the top of an inflatable slide; Sophie with a friend holding their dance festival medals; me and Sophie on a net swing; Sophie doing her song and dance solo; Thomas sitting on a pink plastic rocking horse; a stilton and walnut salad with strawberries; my #1000hoursoutside chart half coloured in with rainbow colours - "#365daysofgratitude 2022 - week 26"


  • Day 175 – I am grateful for the return of the school summer fayre.


  • Day 176 – I am grateful that Sophie is making friends at her dance festivals.


  • Day 177 – I am grateful for the silly, fun moments of parenthood.


  • Day 178 – I am grateful for another lovely selection of dance festival photos. [photo credit – Spotlight Photo Events


  • Day 179 – I am grateful that Thomas enjoyed being at a toddler group this morning as his preschool session was changed to an afternoon one. Used to go to this group regularly when the girls were small and it was nice to be back once more.


  • Day 180 – I am grateful for yummy salads.


  • Day 181 – I am grateful that I’m halfway to achieving my #1000hoursoutside goal for 2022.



The Girls' Brigade and Boys' Brigade colours draped either side of three drums stacked together with a Bible on top; Sophie and Thomas on the seesaw at the park; Thomas asleep in his bed; me with my hair dyed mahogany red; Sophie and Thomas cuddling on the sofa; colourful wildflowers; Thomas wearing a headband with frog eyes - "#365daysofgratitude 2022 - week 27"


  • Day 182 – I am grateful for being able to watch Sophie taking part in the Brigades’ display.


  • Day 183 – I am grateful for a lovely afternoon catching up with friends.


  • Day 184 – I am grateful for bedtime!


  • Day 185 – I am grateful for hair dye.


  • Day 186 – I am grateful that Sophie and Thomas enjoyed their afternoon in their new classes.


  • Day 187 – I am grateful for a little bit of quiet time for me.


  • Day 188 – I am grateful for the moments when this little boy is just adorable.




Other things that have made me smile over the past two weeks:

  • Hunting for fairies at forest school.


A model of a fairy on a tree branch


  • Sophie getting a gold medal for her tap solo.


Sophie standing in front of a 'Mid Bucks and West Herts performing arts festival' banner holding a gold medal


  • Releasing our butterflies. Sophie loved it so much that we’ve got another pot of caterpillars so we can do it all again.


A Painted Lady butterfly on Sophie's hand


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10 thoughts on “Friday Focus 08/07/2022 – Transitions

  1. Aww! How lovely that both Sophie and Thomas both enjoyed time in their new classrooms. It is a good sign that Thomas was so keen to go back. hehehe How exciting for Sophie to be moving up to the Junior section at Girls’ Brigade. It does all sound so bittersweet knowing Jessica is not there. Sending love and hugs.
    Lovely photos. It really looks like Sophie is enjoying her dancing. x

    1. Thanks Kim. It was very bittersweet with Sophie moving up at Girls’ Brigade but lovely that she enjoys it so much.

  2. It’s good that Sophie and Thomas are happy with their transitions. Jessica would have loved having Sophie around in school, I’m sure. It’s an emotional time when things are changing and children are growing. Well done with the butterflies, your photo is lovely x

    1. Changes are especially bittersweet with the reminder of Jessica not being part of it all. She would have adored having Sophie at school with her.

  3. Glad the transitions went well, always reassuring as you never know how they’ll take to moving up from nursery school. Well done Sophie on her tap medal. Lovely official dance photo tooo.

    1. It was reassuring to know that Thomas enjoyed his transition afternoon. He keeps asking me when he can go to his new class! Hopefully he’ll enjoy just as much in September.

  4. Sorry to hear the transitions cause you so much heart ache, big hugs to you all. Sophie looks so proud with her medal. Lovely photo of the two girls together

  5. Big changes for your little ones but sending you virtual hugs at the bittersweet nature of time marching on. What a relief that the school transition was a positive experience. #project365

    1. Thank you. It is all very bittersweet. I’m glad that Thomas is looking forward to starting school though.

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