Friday Focus 08/05/20 – Juggling lots of balls!

We might be staying home, but life in lockdown feels very busy at times with me juggling a lot of balls. Home-schooling Sophie, working from home, keeping Thomas entertained, doing all the little chores around the house, being involved in helping keep our church community together remotely. Some days I feel like I’m managing to juggle it all; other days, I feel like most of the balls have come crashing to the floor and I need to pick them back up and start again. In those moments when my patience has run out and I’m at the end of my tether, that’s when I’ll often hand over to hubby and get out for my allowed exercise and some much-needed headspace. But it is nice to have family time together, even if it can be a bit full-on at times!


The word 'juggling' with three balls over the 'ugg'



 Things that have made me smile this week

  • The Sound of Music winning two awards in the district NODA awards – best musical and the Flame award for the von Trapp children.


  • Watching The Sound of Music with Sophie and talking about our memories of the show.


  • Watching the birds in the garden.


A robin on the garden fence


  • Making balloon rockets with Sophie.


Sophie about to let a balloon rocket go


  • Doing a nature walk with Sophie and seeing what different plants we could spot while out for a walk around the park.


  • Watching Sophie and Thomas having fun playing with bubbles in the garden.


Sophie and Thomas playing with bubbles in the garden with a picture of Jessica hanging in the doorway of the playhouse


  • Joining in with a virtual games evening.


  • Having meals out in the garden.


Thomas eating dinner in the garden (with most of it smeared around his face!)


  • Joining in with a VE-Day themed Tiny Talk session.


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9 thoughts on “Friday Focus 08/05/20 – Juggling lots of balls!

  1. Oh wow, congratulations on the awards for the musical, how amazing! I think Sophie would get along very well with my two, they love nothing more than singing and being on stage too. I completely understand how you feel, things can be very overwhelming at the moment can’t they? I’m glad you are able to get out for your exercise and that your husband is there to help you. It always feels like a relief when my husband gets home from work, he usually puts the children to bed anyway but at the moment I really need that time to regroup.

  2. Congratulations on your award, how lovely. The balloon rockets look so much fun and I love how you found matching outfits for Sophie and Thomas, I remember when you used to match Sophie and Jessica too and they always looked so very cute. Enjoy your weekend. x

  3. A big congrats on the award Louise, what a lovely positive reminder of what you’ve achieved recently when the juggling isn’t quite going to plan! Sometimes we need a reminder that we’re doing just fine 🙂 Just like Anne, I am admiring Sophie and Thomas’ outfits, that print is so sweet! I hope you all have a lovely weekend #wotw

  4. Congratulations on your award! How incredible. It looks like it really has been a busy week for you all – bubbles are just the best.

  5. It does feel busy even though we are stuck at home. I seem to have a lot less time for myself since the family has been home. It is hard juggling everything.
    Aww! We love The Sound of Music. That’s fab about the awards.
    The balloon rockets look like a lot of fun and I love Sophie’s and Thomas’s matching outfits. So adorable!

  6. You have a lot going on, Louise. I am glad you can hand off some of the responsibilities sometimes and let your hubby take care of things. I can remember when my kids were little, I sometimes used to wait for my hubby to walk in the door. I would practically throw the baby at him and dash out the door for a run and 30 minutes of much-needed alone-time!

    Love that picture of Thomas eating out in the garden. Precious!

  7. It does feel like we’re keeping more plates spinning than usual. I even look forward to going into work once a week just for some other grown ups to talk to!

  8. Congratulations on the award for Sound of Music. I bet you are all thrilled. I can’t imagine how hard it must be to be home schooling primary school age. Secondary is more a case of running through a list to see they’ve done everything and checking they are studying during the day. They also like to go over maths with me, as they seem to understand it better from me. I’m useful for something! Absolutely adore the photo of Sophie and Thomas playing in the bubbles. I miss those days…..#wotw

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